Thursday, 12 December 2019

Why is LinkedIn the Preferred Social Media for Professional Connections?

If anyone thought after the birth of the internet we’d stop at online databases that double as encyclopedias and provide us with all the information in the entire world, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Sure, the internet was started with the purpose of bringing data together and sharing intelligence but it wasn’t after long that the World Wide Web was used to connect the people of the world. Social platforms like LinkedIn are also used to increase professional connections.
This truth remains undeniable and unbeatable. And it doesn’t stop at sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tumblr etc. even though a vast majority of social media is concentrated on connecting with the people you know or would like to know. There are other sites that provide a much useful and important service to the users.
LinkedIn Professional Connections


One of the most noticeable way in which we are using the social media is to make new personal friends and new professional connections. With plenty of sites providing ways to create friends by tallying mutual friends, interests, events, music etc, no doubt social media creates the best social groups you can have.
But the truth remains the same- Making friends on the social media, as in trend that is nowadays, still seems like a very impersonal way of making friends. Unlike on LinkedIn, It might be a fun way to keep in touch with a huge number of people and to easily look up on a long lost friend but as means to stay close to the ones you love facebook and instagram still remain one step behind.


Gone are the days when we needed to individually search for the happenings of the world. With sites like twitter, tumblr, pinterest etc. users are now following and looking up for news all over. And not just that, sites like twitter allow the users to streamline their searches and look up specific news. With the provision of user ids and hashtags twitter allows first-hand information and announcements from real life celebrities and people who matter. But if anything twitter and similar sites remain as the sites that give better options to follow and stay updated than to stay connected. LinkedIn is the professional connections network that does more than twitter when it comes to enhancing business connections.


If social media comes down to one thing it is broadening connections and making new contacts and as such is the case I would prefer it for bettering my professional life.  LinkedIn has become a spectacular tool in job searching and making career connections. The power of LinkedIn as a career connections website shouldn’t be undermined. It is a must have for anyone and everyone in the professional world- From being a student who is just looking for internships to a head of an organization looking for talented recruits in the market.
  • It is a network. One of the most beautiful factors of any social media is the network of similar people it provides. When you make a LinkedIn profile it provides for similar circle of workers or users with similar interests, or similar qualifications, language proficiency etc. This gives a detailed view of all users that might potentially be useful to you.
  • Apart from the similarities, LinkedIn keeps you up to date with your potential career competitors. When you can view their profiles it helps you assess your own work experience and aids you to figure out where your resume might need an edge.
  • Once you actually acquire a position in a company you can find co-workers of the company through LinkedIn. It provides for a better knowledge of the working of the place and you can connect beforehand with the already working employees to know about the work environment and job challenges of the particular position.
  • The website provides the perfect environment to form connections for a professional life. It helps the employers/ employees know each other better at the same time keeping a perfectly impersonal outlook to each user profiles. LinkedIn helps you stay in touch and even gives you a personal brand. With enough choice in your hands you can decide your level of participation and interest in your field of work.
Social media Websites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are often criticized for actually causing drifts among close people while claiming to bring you closer to the virtual society of your choice. While LinkedIn works on the same principle of social connection it is a way better tool because it uses this seeming connection to create a professional on screen relationship into a more serious commitment as per the user’s choice. If one wants to make real friends the best way to ensure that is through the real world while if one has to be professional, LinkedInoffers you with the best way to do that.
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