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Why I value Facebook Friends more than LinkedIn Connections & Twitter Followers

The Facebook Friends Environment

Overall, the Facebook environment is more suited for personal connections and not as much for connecting with individuals you don’t know personally. Most of our Facebook Friends are composed of personal connections. However, Twitter and LinkedIn provide you a completely different environment.
Facebook Friends

Twitter is the Best for Following

Twitter allows communication with individuals having similar interests, regardless of whether the users know each another off Twitter. And, Twitter is a more popular social medium to follow updates from celebrities.

LinkedIn Connections are Professional

In case of LinkedIn, the features are primarily geared towards professional networking.
I personally prefer Facebook for communicating with my friends as I know them personally and it allows a lot of cool features like tagging through which I can be closer to my friends and spend more time with them. Facebook allows me to primarily focus on expressing my opinion among friends.

Facebook Features which are not included in LinkedIn and Twitter

facebook chat

Instant messaging / Chat

  • As soon as you login into your Facebook account, a window covers space on the right side of your screen and shows “Online friends”.  Just select the friend and a separate chat window will open. You can have a live chat with your friend.
  • Moreover, the Facebook chat window is full of options to spice up your conversation. These include, adding more friends to make your chat a group chat, starting a video/voice call, attaching files and much more.
  • These all features allows a user to have a healthy, long, fruitful and interesting conversation which may add another string to the friendship bond, thus making a stringer friendship than before.
Such an instant messaging service is not provided by Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter and LinkedIn do not aim at having personal real time conversation while Facebook focuses on spending time with your friends in the way you want.

Multiplayer Games

Facebook provides a very innovative way (in case of social networking) to spend time with your friends. Games are an entertaining way of spending a lot of time in the virtual world and doing things which can’t be done in the real world. If you get to know that you can play with your friends, you can’t ignore your excitement. This is where Facebook holds another nerve of its users as they can spend time playing with friends online. Games like Farmville, Uno, Teen Patti, 8 ball pool are the top multiplayer games on which a lot of users spend a lot of time competing against their friends.
Facebook Games

Uploading Photographs

Facebook allows us to upload our personal photographs and to create albums. Twitter also allows to upload photographs whereas LinkedIn allows only profile picture. Facebook clinches the top spot as it integrates features like tagging friends, adding captions, adding our feelings, adding a location to the post along with photographs.

User Expression

User expression is the way a user can express his/her thoughts, like, and share opinion. Twitter gives an option to “retweet” as an expression to approve any post (tweet). Facebook and LinkedIn allows users to like, comment or share any post for expressing their opinion about any post. But again, Facebook is a winner as relationship with others on Facebook is generally friendly. LinkedIn deals with professionalism but on Facebook, you know your friend personally and have a different bond with your Facebook friend which might not be possible in case of LinkedIn connection.

Facebook Friends, LinkedIn Connections or Twitter Followers?

Real life friends become Facebook friends and are available online which allows me to come closer to them and spend more time with them. It has a lot of features like multiplayer gaming, Likes, comments, sharing feelings, status, location, real time chat conversation which helps in making a stronger bond with friends.
One can’t be professional all the time, thus LinkedIn is behind and Twitter does not deal with real friends. This is why, my Facebook friends are most valuable.
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