Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Why Do Advertisers Need Adwords and PPC Campaigns?

Before we go far ahead in the delicate discussion of why AdWords and why PPC campaigns, here is a brief understanding of what these terms actually do in the cloud of digital marketing.
Pay-per-click is a commonly used internet marketing model in which the advertisers pay a fee every time their ad is clicked instead of earning the visit-to-site organically. Search engine is the most famous form of PPC campaigning. Usually PPC ads cost nothing to display unless users click on them. PPC is the easiest way to promote a website and is generally most profitable when the business targets a specific segment of the market. When there are relatively limited products and competitors bidding against your ads, you can drive up sales by increased PPC campaigns.
PPC ads are easy to locate. These are the ads that usually appear on the top and right hand side of search engine pages, even Facebook pages. It’s quite easy and simple to breakdown the PPC accounts – Cost Per Click and Cost Per Conversion. Let’s break this down to simple terms – CPC is the amount advertisers pay each time someone clicks an ad and is redirected to the site. Cost Per Conversion is the amount advertisers spend before the sale.

“What is Google Adwords” is probably one of the most searched queries on Google. While many people often talk about it and many others have heard about it, there are a lot of marketers and businessmen who don’t know how Google AdWords can work for them. Google AdWords is an advertising platform which was setup by Google so that businesses could create and manage campaign ad groups. A business could use this platform to position their ads in the resultant list of Google Search Result, Youtube, Gmail or any other website.
If you consider the popularity statistics, Google AdWords takes the crown in PPC advertising world. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in AdWords –
  • AdWords is scalable and measurable – AdWords is highly effective for businesses that need a lot of leads but are short on time.
  • AdWords is transparent – Advertisers can keep a check at granular level with what works and what doesn’t. Thus, it allows us to determine in a simple way if the ads are giving sufficient ROI or need to be scrapped off completely.
  • AdWords is flexible – Advertisers can use ad extensions to display product images, initiate a chat, source email addresses from SERP or tag physical location or add links to their site.
  • AdWords allows narrowing down the audience – The ads don’t need to be displayed all around the world. Audience can be narrowed down by location, device, language or time of day.
  • AdWords is faster than SEO – SEO can take time to earn authority, clicks and impressions. AdWords is speedy, in terms that you can quickly evaluate if a given keyword or audience is worth pursuing via organic search. If it gets higher conversion rate, advertisers can build content around that area.
PPC and AdWords is reliable. It has proven to be profitable for tons of B2B, B2C and even non-profit organisations who seek quick and quality traffic that results into value conversions. As an advertiser, don’t let AdWords and PPC Campaigns create a peer pressure for you. Advertisers need to ask themselves “how should I use it efficiently” rather than saying “everyone’s doing it why shouldn’t I?”.
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