Thursday, 12 December 2019

What Makes WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

When we think about the dominant CMS, WordPress acquires the top place.
SEO benefits of wordpress
The reason is it has incredible plugins (all open sources), ease of use and mind-blowing theme developers.  However, many people don’t realize that it is equally good for SEO also. In fact, it leaves its contestants Joomla and Drupal far behind.
WordPess traverses a long way since 2003 when it emerged in the competitive arena. What started as merely a blogging platform has grown into unarguably the leading content management platform worldwide. The popularity of it can be understood by the fact that globally, one of every four websites use WordPress. The galaxy of users includes CNN, GM, eBay and Best Buy. People call it “a brilliant piece of software” which gives superb value for money.
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How does WordPress become pivotal in your SEO success story?

Well, it is a fact that WordPress can become a significant tool in enhancing the SEO ranking of your website.  Here are the main reasons that make it the best.
  • You can optimize the website in merely a few minutes which is a remarkable thing. Gone are the days when complex CMS was used – which was a daunting task. Today, you can do it with a remarkable ease using the WordPress platform.  Since it is free to download and pretty easy to install, even a person with a little IT knowledge can manage it well. With an amazing one-click installation, you have absolute control over everything.
  • Since it is an open-source platform, any developer can create a plugin or theme. As far as well-designed SEO-friendly themes prevailing in the market are concerned, you have practically thousands of them to choose from.
  • Making the WorPress site capable of performing a specific SEO function is quite easy. It is possible to keep the website on top of the search engine results unbelievably easily as compared to other proprietary CMS where it takes quite a lot of efforts to catch up.
  • When you are looking for out-of-the-box yet effective on-page SEO techniques, WordPress is the number one choice. Managing SEO basics without an in-depth knowledge of coding is easy when you use this brilliant CMS platform.
  • Amongst the most important SEO techniques, title tags and headings are top on the list. It is easily manageable when you use WordPress. In the actual content area, adding SEO rich content which is visible to search engine spiders is quite easy. Since the fundamental SEO elements are part of the default WordPress installation, you needn’t worry about the optimization part.
  • Statistics say that 80 percent of visitors do not turn up again if the website doesn’t get loaded within five seconds. It is amazing but true. Moreover, Google also keeps on incorporating site loading parameters while calculating the overall ranking. With WordPress, you can overcome the challenges easily.
  • In the world of small screens, you need to keep the website optimized for mobile phones, tabs, and other handheld devices. WordPress themes that are responsive make it simple and feasible.
All these features make WordPress the most favored CMS tool preferred by SEO Companies.
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