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What Changed With WordPress 5.0 For Your Business?

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As a WordPress Agency in Pune or a WordPress blogger, you must know what is in store. Before you hit the update button check out the impact of the upgrade on your business.

CMS updates by WordPress is nothing new to its users. The kind of changes WordPress has brought to its CMS were not quite noticeable till early 2018. But something major changed with the update to WordPress 5.0.

Currently, there are around 75,000,000 active WordPress websites. Every single website is going to feel the impact of the historic WordPress update sooner or later. It is changing the way website pages and blogs are being created.

Introducing Gutenberg

Have you checked out the latest leagues of DIY website builders? Some leading players like Wix and Weebly are showcasing their drag and drop potential to build websites quickly and easily. When the WordPress editor was compared to the editor these DIY sites offer, it looked cluttered by plugins.

Another issue was the “preview”. The classic editor of the WordPress requires users to toggle between editor and preview.

Gutenberg is an initiative to solve the current issues.

The way the new editor will work is going to have a significant impact on the business. Let us dive deeper:

Workflow Changes

The workflow of the editor has changed completely. The formatting controls, plugin, widget settings and more has changed on the user interface. The biggest change is that instead of a single block, multiple moveable blocks will be used to post content. The major impact of the workflow is going to be visible while composing and publishing the posts.

Plugins go outdated

The WordPress repository has more than 50,000 plugins. But not every plugin will be compatible with the new upgrade. If you choose to upgrade to WordPress 5.0 as a WordPress agency in Pune, be ready to bid goodbye to some of the plugins.

Major players like Yoast are ready to support the Gutenberg update. But the ones that are not ready may lose some of the functionality or may be rendered completely useless. If you are facing any such issues get in touch with WordPress 5.0 experts at Rhizomatic Web.

Easier learning curve

The Gutenberg update is also focusing on reducing the learning curve for the new bloggers and With the Pre-formatted blocks will make the composition easy. The blocks for heading, paragraph, cover image, page breaks, and buttons will shorten the formatting times. The blocks can be dragged and dropped while each block can be individually formatted.

WordPress Expert in Pune

Enhanced productivity

Gutenberg will increase the productivity for the developers or bloggers who don’t write content in HTML.

The format setting is easily accessible and the changes will reflect instantly. You can always paste your entire content in the editor and later chose to convert it into blocks.

Easy Website maintenance
The availability of blocks will make it easy for the website admins to make desired changes. They will not have to rush to the developers to change an image, update a link with fresh content or to edit some existing content.

Building custom themes
Developing custom themes is going to be easier for the developers. With less coding effort more refined themes can be built.

To wrap

The launch of WordPress 5.0 scared many website owners. But the hard fact is that it is the most necessary change for the websites to stay on top of the competitive stack. Are you are facing any challenges with WordPress 5.0 upgrade? Rhizomatic Web is your one-stop WordPress Agency in Pune that can help you with a smooth transition.

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