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What are the Advantages of the New Google+?

One undeniable truth about humans is that we are evolutionary creatures. We are constantly evolving, updating, enhancing to make our lives better, faster, and superior. And in this attempt the key is not working harder, it’s working smarter.
The days when Google was only regarded as a search engine are gone. Launched just in 2011, Google+ was Google’s entry in the booming social media market. Google+ is called plus for a reason. With streams and media revolving around your preferences, better ease of access and smarter updates each minute, Google+ is more than just a social network. And the new Google+ update means it has only gotten better.
New Google+
On 17th November 2015 Google+ introduced a series of changes to offer a much more relaxed and de-cluttered experience. It’s not just the look and design that has been made more appealing. Finer, streamlined and organized features have been added to communities and collections. And various changes in other features like hangouts and photos just make your new Google+ interface an even admirable destination.

What exactly does the new Google+ offer?

  • The new Google+ comes not from the people who sit around the tables. The inspiration is achieved directly by the people who strive to discover, share and connect on the World Wide Web. And this isn’t just a figurative expression. The Google+ team interviewed and discussed new ideas with people. The feedback received was put in motion and a modified Google+ that gives people a better networking experience was launched.
  • One of the new and interesting changes is that of Google+ communities. Even though other social networks try to work around individual interests they don’t haven’t been able to successfully accomplish that. Google+ communities allows you to connect not only as an individual but as a brand or an entity. The new experience has not just made it a great way to meet similar people but also to progressively use your passion or interest in a  more focused and simpler.
    Look at it this way:  Your Google+ community is not just another discussion society. It is an engaging network of people, mini businesses, potential customers and interested backers who share the same passion and love.
  • In the new Google+, communities are essentially interest focused. The experience of reading new interest based topics isn’t chaotic. The ease of navigation and sharp organization of topics makes your task simpler and pleasant. In today’s times, efficiency is a defining factor and the new Google+ understands that.
  • Google+ connections is one of the most recent of Google launches. Introduced only 5 months ago it’s growing faster than ever. So what if you have more than one passion? So what if your interests lie in plenty of topics? Connections allow you to prioritize the posts on your user interface by topics. Each of these collections can be shared or kept private as per the user’s choice.
  • Hangouts is quite the favourite of Google+ users. It is an interesting platform to share photos, .gifs and videos. But the catch here is the possibility of video chat with up to 9 people in your contact list!
    What’s more are the innovative hangouts on air and the control room which adjusts the video as per your requirements.
  • Internet users globally can be divided into two: (a) the small screen user i.e. people who prefer smartphones and tablets to do most of their internet surfing and, (b) the big screen users who still prefer their PCs and laptops. This divide remains because one is more comfortable with their preferred screen. Google+ with its new feature to make surfing enjoyable for both small and big screen users is appreciable. Opt in on the new Google+ on iOS or on android or on the web and it gives you the same experience of consistency everywhere.
  • And the most important thing is that there is still continual improvement under progress. Continuous evaluations and reviews are being received by the Google+ team to make your Google+ page smarter. These evaluations aren’t just from experts but from the very users the network finally affects. A finer and faster way to post, connect, discuss, learn and keep up is just the start.

 Why is the new Google+ better?

At the end of the day the favourableness of a product is determined by the advantages it offers, the edge it gives over others. And Google+ gives the user exactly that.
Let’s go over the basic attributes of the new Google+ that makes it a much preferred platform.
  • The more focused user interface. More often than not we find redundant articles, videos, photos and posts and after a period of time skimming over them gets tiresome. The new Google+ ensures a more de-cluttered and less chaotic go through. It doesn’t just make your surfing relaxed, it makes it useful.
  • There is beauty in simplicity and the new Google+ understands that.
    The new design of the interface is created to make sure it is expeditious and timesaving. This feature is especially a boon to the interested parties who aspire to know what’s going around without the process becoming cumbersome. It’s crisp, to the point, distinct and fast.
  • Everything is in one place. You don’t have to rush to different tabs or options to know what matters to you. You have collections and communities in one place, prioritized for each user as they like it.

social media

It is Facebook, Twitter, Newsstand, Linkedin, Pinterest all in one place.

  • As mentioned earlier, the ease of access and sharp navigation is a benefit to you but not just a one way benefit. It allows for interested influencers and backers who might not notice you on other platforms to acknowledge you. So while until yesterday your passions were just lying there, today you get the chance to utilize them for better.
Google+ is not just a social media network. It is inherently different from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Your participation and engagement is purposeful. It is not just a network for like-minded people. It is a progressive and professional network that strives to create a successful assemblage of like-minded people. And the New Google+ just made the experience simpler and smarter.
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