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The Evolution of SEO Over the Last 25 Years

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Did you think that SEO is a new technological term? Well, it is not. SEO practice started with the emergence of the internet. However, not many people realized that SEO practice would have such an impact in the future.

What does SEO do? In simple words, SEO helps you find out the information that you are looking for. The pieces of information are personalised, engaging and easy to access so that it is just a click away from you. The dedicated SEO team also makes sure that your content is optimized properly.

The industry experts assume that SEO is not going anywhere in the near future. However, to understand what the future stands for SEO, we first need to know how it evolved.

When it all started – 1991 to 2002

It is believed that the modern-day internet started as before as 1983. With the launch of world’s first website by Tim Berners-Lee, a new era started. Many other websites began to emerge. However, the data that was available across the internet was not organised properly and there was no optimization of information. Therefore, there was no company such as SEO Agency in Pune.

Eventually, there were so many websites that companies felt the need of organised data. An online portal, Excite, first came up with the idea of organizing the available data with the help of keywords. As the company witnessed tremendous success, tech giants such as Google (1997) and Yahoo (1994) entered the domain as well.

The early stage – 2003 to 2005

As you can tell, there were no rules to follow. Keyword stuffing, including excessive backlinks, unwarranted tagging everything was a part of SEO practice then. Even in this chaos, Google noticed an opportunity to provide quality content to the users.

Hence, Google began to punish the websites that used unethical SEO practices. Besides, many companies similar to SEO Agency in Pune emerged that helped the websites to follow ethical and effective SEO techniques.

People noticed that they can search for contact information of stores, hospitals, hotels, etc. Online maps also got updated providing clear information about places. A new period of search engine optimization commenced during this period as the websites became more user-centric.

The middle age – 2006 to 2009

Soon after Google changed the SEO practice, it began to promote content that was interactive. The emergence of social media not only connected people across the world, but it also changed the SEO techniques.

Google took a step to move a notch ahead of time. The company offered users even more personalised data with the help of keyword search history. Google launched its tools like Google Analytics and Google Trends, which made it even easier to personalise content for a specific individual.

As the SEO techniques became more user-centric, companies started to realize the fact that content is king.

The era of quality content – 2010 to 2012

The SEO picture changed massively during this period. Companies understood that their survival depended on the quality content they created. Many business owners hired companies like SEO Agency in Pune to create SEO-friendly content for them.

During this period Google came out with rules about over-optimization, keyword optimization, and quality content. Some of the huge brands such as BMW, Washington Post, Overstock, etc. got heavily penalized because of violating the rules.

The search engine result pages r SERPs listed local SEO results, which made local information easily available to the users. Besides, the advertising opportunities also took a new turn during this time. Social media started to impact the search engine results as well. Google+ came into use. Google launched one after the other updates regularly.

The contemporary age – 2013 to present

SEO companies like SEO Agency in Pune understood that the only way to stay relevant and avoid Google’s punishment is to create high-quality engaging content with optimized keyword and ethical backlinks.

Moreover, this is the period when smartphones emerged as well. Hence, the websites must be smartphone-friendly as well. It allowed the websites to be accessible to anyone.

Even though SEO has gone through major changes over the last years, there are still some issues that need to be fixed. Optimizing content for more personalised user experience has led to a breach of privacy of the users. However, as SEO is constantly changing, it can be hoped that these problems will be eliminated soon.

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