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Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019

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With this new year everybody is curious about social media marketing trends. Almost half of the world’s current population is active on some or other kind of social media channel. Nowadays, over 90% of the marketing effort goes into social media marketing. It has become crucial to establish brand presence, generate leads and retain customers. Despite 3.03 billion active users, only 4% of the people talking about these brands are following the social media channels of those brands.

The year 2019 will need business to reposition their social media marketing strategy. With recent algorithm changes and privacy issues, business need to run unique brand positing campaigns. It is important to regain consumer trust over social media channels.

Let’s take a look at Social Media Marketing Trends for 2019.

Private accounts
Off late business fraternity realized that creating a business page allows even the non-followers to see the page content. Recently many Instagram business pages like Couplesnote shunned their business account. They launched a Private account to drive the interests. It is increasingly becoming a mainstream thing. The customers who follow business over their private accounts get access to exclusive content.

Private groups and accounts helped business garner 10 time more follower-ship. Only downfall with private accounts is, it will now allow you to run Ads. Before you switch to a private account, take a free consultation from social media experts at Rhizomatic Web.

Smart Bots
The conversational commerce is a growing social media marketing trend in 2019. Smart chatbots offer conversational capabilities to the social media pages.  In F8 Conference of 2017 David Marcus announced that more than 100,000 bots were active on the Facebook Messenger platform. It led to over two billion direct messages per month passed between consumers and brands.

The Chatbots are not used for sharing selling propositions but to address high-level customer queries. Chatbot is the technology advancement and is one of the top social media marketing trends.

Explore other social media channels
With so many social media platforms, you might have trouble underpinning how to make a platform work for you. It takes time, dedication and strategy to run a successful social media page. Before you put your effort into any social media marketing trends answer the below questions:

Is your business B2B or B2C?
Who is your target audience?
What is your social media goal?
Now the Social Media goes beyond just Facebook. Channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn are equally powerful. Before you start a campaign on all these platform, you must be well aware of the mechanism and what these platforms can help you achieve. We offer free consultationto help you identity the perfect platform for your business.

Video content
Video content drives 50 times more organic traffic as compared to plain textual content. Almost 97% marketers across globe are switching to video content. Videos deliver a clear understanding of products and services.
Live streaming on social media channels and explainer videos are promising higher conversion rates. According to a latest report by Go-Globe by 2020 82% of the internet traffic will be driven by video content.
Long-form content for SEO
As per recent studies, a high-quality long-form content (1600 word)  outranks a 500 word content. Long form content gives you a subject matter edge over the competitors.

While rich and insightful content with infographics attracts readers and it gives Google algorithms a strong reason to rank your page higher.

To wrap
It’s fun to see how the social media platforms are evolving. With these changes it is even more important for the business to adjust their social media approach.

Figuring out the next social media marketing trend is no easy job. It is important to identify the trend as the organic reach is decreasing rapidly. Trend evaluation and assessing the byproducts before you incorporate them into your social media strategy is vital for business growth.

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