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Social Media Management for Celebrities

You get overwhelmed when your favorite celebrity who you have been following on social media responds to your message or reacts in witty manner. But do these celebrities personally do it?  Well, barring a few exceptions the majority of them hire social media management professionals.
Is it heartbreaking news? Well, it shouldn’t be. When you become a celebrity, it is quite obvious that you have hundreds or thousands of followers spread across different social media channels. Managing a large number of followers can be a challenge unless you seek the help of professionals.
Social media marketing managers like Spree Marketing are experienced in managing social media accounts of several stars of Hindi & Marathi television and the movie world. It is all about creating your social media brand and Spree does it effectively for its clients. With superior services, it manages several social media accounts of Celebrities, TV Serials and Movies.
social media management for celebrities
Services include getting profiles verified (Blue Tagged) in Facebook

Go viral if you want excellent audience growth

Yes, it is the success mantra. Unless you go fiercely viral, it is not possible to build an audience.
This is the reason celebrities build their image in the virtual world by hiring experts. They not only make you viral but also maintain your social voice and unique stand. Also, they keep your social media handlers updated and keep then interesting enough so that more and more people visit the page.
Remember, attention span is very limited in the virtual world, and it is reducing day by day. From levels of 12 seconds once upon a time, it has dropped to 8 seconds. Don’t you think it is very much difficult to catch hold of a user’s attention unless you have interesting stuff?
Exciting content has helped several celebrities gain popularity in the glamour world. Agencies like Spree Marketing that offer Social Media Management for Celebrities know the knack of it.

A few popular tricks of Celebrity Social Media Management

When Spree Marketing receives the task of managing the social media profile of a celebrity, each case is looked into differently. Every client is unique and so are their social media needs.
Based on the user profile and type of fan following, a detailed strategy is decided. Some examples of typical social media account management are:
  • Periodic posting of tweets
  • Unexpected posting of tweets
  • Providing a glimpse into the personal life of celebrities in such a way that it doesn’t become offending
  • Posting meaningful content
  • Major events related to the celebrity, behind the scenes, curtain raisers, etc.
  • Daily content posting
  • Sticking to a narrative to maintain consistency and reliability
  • Responding to Followers’ Messages
  • Responding to other tweets and retweeting the same
Creating a brand and enhancing its social media value is an ongoing process. Even if it is an open avenue, marketing companies follow management tactics to build a great audience and voice.

Spree makes Social Media Management distinctly effective

Spree Marketing is a well-known name in the field of social media promotion. It makes social media accounts of their clients by making it as engaging as possible. It has been managing facebook pages and social accounts of several Marathi stars, e.g. Titeeksha Tawde, Surabhi Hande and Suruchi Adarkar. It has been managing the same for several TV serials like Chuk Bhul Dyavi Gyavi and Ka Re Durawa.
Engagement with the celebrities is the biggest reason people want to remain connected with their favorite stars. It gives a feeling of getting a sneak peek into the life, and it is a Feel Good factor when the stars respond. It creates a personal connect.
No wonder, every celebrity wants to leverage the social media interaction as much as possible. Nowadays, all celebrities, political leaders, media personalities, thinkers, and writers are active on social media.
They respond to their followers, mention them in other tweets, retweet further and tag multiple times to increase visibility. It is a win-win situation. Both the celebrity and the followers increase their web presence.
Interestingly, celebrity and social media management companies like Spree Marketing do it so seamlessly that nobody could guess the reality behind it.
Engagement builds audience and audience builds popularity. Popularity is like Oxygen for celebrities. It explains the how critical the matter is and hiring an expert in celebrity social media management makes the task structured.
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