Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Social Media – Keeping Up With Popular Marketing

Everything is technology-oriented, growing fast-paced and competitive in 2018. If you have a ground-breaking business idea and want it to reach the targeted masses or otherwise, Social Media is the way to go. If your brand needs any kind of validation, it has to pass through the Social Media channel. So why is the concept of Social Media landscape such a rave?
For the curious, let’s first understand what Social Media entails and why anybody with a smart brain and good business needs it for ultimate success. Social Media essentially consists of active engagement on a series of websites and applications to capture interest of people whom you want to sell your product/service. Doesn’t this sound like the best way to gain publicity for you and your brand? You can broadcast announcements for offers, send important messages, get on a live chat with your clients and keep viewers or customers constantly updated with your progress. All of this and more, in real-time! Social network platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and media sharing platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube are raging bulls of the social media race.
It is all about driving traffic to your website. These websites and applications have tools that allow you to obtain valuable data about customers/viewers, mostly by a free way to reach them. Needless to say, you gain a wealth of information about them – what they like, who they are and how they respond to your brand.
The underpinning success of advertising skills in the social media world depends upon SEO optimisation. The higher your ranking, the more popular you are. Statistics say that there are about 65,000 search queries every second. Can you imagine the depth of data, bumper list of brands and competitors that is available on the internet? If you strive to be on top of this list, you have to stay on top of your game.
A social media user needs to be active in order for them to be of any use to you. In saying so, it is implied that you call out to customers to connect through signup emails, app notifications and ad-posts. However, your customers must feel that there is value in clicking on the offers and emails you send. Once they see the benefit, it automatically results in a great response and call-to-action. There you go! With more people connecting, there is higher chance of increased conversion rates.
Let’s reiterate why one should keep up with this excellent marketing strategy called “social media”.
  • You do not want to fall behind and become irrelevant – Technology is inescapable. With near about four billion people on the internet, unless you want to close your shop down, shying away from social media is a BAD idea.
  • Missed opportunities and the hanging sword of obscurity – Along with technology and internet, customers have also advanced and adapted to new ways of doing business. If you don’t resurface time and again to ensure your presence, chances are, customers will find somebody new and updated to connect with. Do not allow your brand to fade into obscurity.
In order for your brand to become immortal through Social Media, one must invest time and allocate intelligent resources to campaign. Look for the Who’s and Where’s; for instance – where is my audience searching? But while you are it, don’t just join any social media site randomly. Understand your purpose since the one who sells real-estate has different objectives of business than one who selling art.
It isn’t just enough to have social media accounts unless you are really out there, interacting every day. If you really want to enjoy the perks of a good business, embrace social media with open arms. However, keep it interesting, active and updated. After all, there are no shortcuts to success.
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