Thursday, 12 December 2019

SEO Impact of Retweets

Among the various social media platforms, Twitter achieves a distinguished place and reputation. With one hundred and a half million active users worldwide, it leaves many others far behind in terms of magnitude and popularity. No wonder, web marketing geeks look at Twitter as a massive tool for attracting maximum eyeballs. However, the real SEO Impact of Twitter usage has not yet been established through valid statistical tools.

Is retweeting a great idea for achieving high SEO rank?

SEO Impact of Retweets
Matt Cutts of Google has spoken on this subject before [Reference: Searchenginewatch] and while there is ambiguity about how genuine the claim of there being an SEO impact of retweets is,  SEO Specialists will concur the most effective way to confirm this has been through trial and test.

Studying the SEO Impact of Retweets

As SEO specialists, we ran a check to determine whether there was a correlation (if any) between number of retweets and its impact on Google ranking. The results show an overwhelming SEO impact of retweets.
The study uses one website and Google search engine to make calculations simple. As soon as somebody creates an account on the website, a tweet is forwarded to the account. Hence, number of accounts generates the same number of tweets. Each user was asked to retweet it at least once. Thus, there was a cascading impact of retweets. Results indicate that there is certainly a great positive thrust to the ranking because of re-tweets. When they follow in the range of 1 to 50 tweets, there was an increase in the ranking. 50 to 1000 tweets had a minor impact. When retweets crosses the 1000 threshold, it had an exponential boost on the ranking.
Undoubtedly, page ranking depends on a variety of other factors like keyword density, media coverage, more blogs or articles on various sites pointing to the URL or specialization of the website. Nevertheless, our results show there is a direct correlation between number of tweets and the Google rank.

What does Page Ranking mean for a website?

Every business that wants to obtain customers through their website, strives to have a high ranking on major search engines, but it isn’t an easy task certainly. SEO companies use optimization methods to achieve the desired rank. Since the research shows a direct correlation between the number of tweets and SEO, it becomes an obvious tool for a grand success.
There can be specific strategies built around social engagement. Launching campaigns to promote re-tweeting can be effective. Also, many other innovative ideas can be conceptualized to encourage people to share tweets on commercial pages and thus achieve the SEO impact of retweets.
As Twitter has turned out to be a phenomenal tool for improving search engine ranking, re-tweeting becomes an important SEO activity. With more users getting hooked to twitter every day, the potential seems to be unlimited. It is quite impressive and an assured way of reaching new heights of website ranking.
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