Tuesday, 10 December 2019

No Website – No Business

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Around 51% of the world’s current population is enjoying the blazing fast access to the internet. Did you ever wonder what are 2.8 billion people doing online? Around 81% of internet users research a product or a service online before making a purchase decision. The millennial generation is smart and has access to a smartphone, they know the importance of a website. If you do not have a website, a major portion of your target audience does not know that you even exist.
Wait till you hear the sad part of the story.
Operating a business without a website, you are pouring 25% of revenue into your competitor’s pocket who owns a business website. Experts are scratching heads over why small business owners still rely only on word of mouth to generate leads. Most, if not all, successful business have gained a lot of traction and presence primarily from their websites.
Maybe it’s sheer ignorance but it’s costing you a fortune.
Take a look at what is happening when you are working in a no website zone:
Losing Customer Trust
According to the latest survey, the business that does not have a website are not trusted by 56% of the consumers online. The customers want to check out the digital presence of the organization before they plan to move ahead with the buying relationship. It has been noticed that traditional ways like visiting cards and brochures are often misplaced. Business website development allows you a platform to have the contact information, mail id and address readily available for customers to connect with you and that is how you earn their trust.
Affordable Marketing
Your strong online presence using a website is an imperative platform for limitless marketing opportunities. The marketing initiative on your website and using your website create a channel of sustainable leads.
It allows you a very own playground for inbound marketing initiatives and a significant source of leads and revenue for your business. As per the research, around 91% of customers visited a store personally because of the online experience or the deals they see online.
Refrain from the DIY methods and make sure you connect with an expert website developer in goa.
Communicate News to customer 
Only 36% of the business owners are using websites to communicate the offers and deals to their consumers. What is more convenient for you? Distributing brochures or displaying your seasonal offers online on your website. The answer is pretty obvious, as a smart business owner, owning a website offers you a potential channel to stay connected to customers.
Accessible around the clock
The website is up and running 24 * 7 for 365 days. It sells for you and it talks to your consumers while you are basking in Hawaiian Sun. If you are only dependent upon your in-store sales and do not have a website for sales or answering your queries, your customers will drift away to the next closest competitor if your shop is closed even for an hour.
Bottom Line
It is imperative from the discussion above that for every business to have a website is not a choice anymore, it is a must-have. What garners more attention and leads is how professional the website is. If you are a smaller business owner and have developed a sense of urgency after going through the article, you are on the right path to act upon it.
Our professional web development company in goa brings your website an element of customization that hones more prospective clients as it tells a tale about your business. No matter which industry you are from, it has been proved by SMEs that you are served better with a website presence online. It adds a new dimension of growth and exposure to your business along with boosting conversions and that’s all you need.

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