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Mobile App Promotions

If you want to promote your mobile app but don’t know how to begin, here is our strategy for mobile app promotions.
Mobile App Promotions

To begin with, let everyone know about your mobile app.

Identify your target audience, the one you feel will be most benefited by using your app. Next, your target users should be made aware about and discover your app. Sure you have a fresh new idea, but you need to convince the prospective users that this app will solve a problem they face. The user will obviously install that app if he is sufficiently convinced that the app fills a gap or satisfies his need. If you can reach out to the right market and convince effectively, this will result in more natural installations, genuine reviews and word of mouth publicity which will be the long term effective strategy for your mobile app promotions.

 8 ways to reach your target audience for mobile app promotions

1. Use Social media

Make use of Facebook, Twitter, Quora and forums to push your app. Convey its features and how useful it can be. Discover trending hashtags related to the app and make use of these to increase your post reach. Encourage shares and comments by providing interactive content, ask questions.

 2. Write Blogs

Blog posts especially on your own website addressing aspects of the app and how the app makes life easier will be a surefire way to increase your SEO, provide credibility and instil confidence in the user to install your app. Make sure you add social sharing buttons and QR codes to your blogs to extend the possibility of reach and installations.

 3. Watch your competitors

Follow your competitors and keep pace with their promotional methods. You will surely be able to tweak your promotional campaign by taking a leaf or two from the marketing methods of companies promoting similar well established apps.

 4. Go with paid promotions

If you have some budget allocated for paid promotions, go ahead with Google Adwords and Install campaigns of Facebook. Facebook & Google are the most valuable media where you can run advertisements encouraging mobile app installations.

 5. Use Online Forums

Find forums where your competitor apps are discussed. Suggest advantages of your own app there. If there are questions on Quora related to your app’s service, answer them and add a link to the app download page. Find relevant websites that connect to your app. For example if you create a health and fitness app, find social groups  and forums related to fitness, gyms, spas etc. Put in valuable content regarding your app there. If your app is a taxi service, look for forums of other service providers like Ola cabs and Meru and find out what are the major pain points of customers. Try create a forum on your own website and answer questions there.

6. App review sites

If you have some budget allocated for app reviews, you can actually get some paid reviews done. This is a time tested sound strategy employed by not just app companies but even large ecommerce firms like Amazon, where professional reviewers are paid to use and review the product. A natural sounding review is known to influence viewers and more people are likely to install the app upon reading about others’ experiences. Some reviews sites offer exchange programs where you can review an app and get your own app reviewed in exchange. Other sites like Foreseegames offer users rewards for engagement with your mobile app.

 7. Press Releases

Getting genuine press publicity is by far the best way to generate a lot of buzz for your app. Tell a story about how your app came into being, what are your ambitions and how can your app solve a problem? There are a number of free and paid press release sites where you can publish an article. If picked by a journalist, you will get your article in a newspaper or magazine for free which will result in tremendous reach.

 8. Create videos for mobile app promotions

Show catchy videos with real people using your app using real life situations which will help you connect with your intended target more organically and will increase the possibility of viral sharing. A video is known to have more power to SELL!
Mobile app promotions have their own challenges and strategies need to be customized based on the type of app. With increasing number of mobile users today, there is a large market who can make use of it. We have several kinds of apps – for booking a taxi, for ordering grocery, for booking a spa appointment, ecommerce apps, etc. You can be assured that a well designed, user friendly and problem solving app with the right marketing plan is bound to succeed.
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