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Managed WordPress Hosting vs Shared Cloud Hosting

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Shared vs managed WordPress hosting, the battle has been raging since long. Whether you are a website developer or an owner, you must be no stranger to the dilemma of choosing between the two. Before you sit to make a choice ensure the hosting needs are identified well.

Did you know hosting has a direct impact on the website’s earnings?

Perhaps you may already be using one of them unaware of the potential benefits and disadvantages of the chosen one. This article is worth reading for those who want to make an informed decision between the two.

Before we get into specifics of the two let us understand the two up, close and personal.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?
Managed WP hosting offers highly-tailored services to the WordPress development services. It maintains a symbiotic relationship between the service provider and the website owner. With Managed WP hosting, the service provider takes care of platform installation, updates to the platform and maintaining a scheduled backup. For 2018 the market capitalization of managed WP hosting service is expected to surpass 60 billion dollars across the globe because it renders bespoke advantages:

•      Managed WP hosting brings in higher performance because the server is optimized and updated always
•      Speed optimization made possible with less loading time
•      The hosting service provider offers better support ensuring maximum uptime.
•      Readily available scalability solution to support a website with increasing traffic.
•     Allows website owner focus on building prime content as technical obstacles are handled by experts.

•      Basking in the advantages of Managed WP hosting costs more.
•      In the absence of cPanel, it offers less control to the user like the selection of plugins and advanced servers.

What is Shared Cloud Hosting?
The way Shared hosting operates is evident from its name- a single physical server that is being used by multiple users for hosting. Each user on a shared hosting has access to a limited amount of disk space, database, FTP and email accounts. The global market share of Shared Cloud hosting lags behind significantly as it is expected to reach only 18.7 billion U.S. Dollar in 2018.

•      It offers a flexible ecosystem for business owner where they can easily access higher bandwidth, large server space, and better administrative options.
•      Affordable pricing models.
•      Higher audience growth to encourage higher traffic.

•      Access to limited server space as the parameters of hosting is shared with multiple users
•      Support is limited as the plans are quite basic.
•      Resource limitation which may lead to switching of hosting services.
•      Performance issues.

When to choose Managed WP Hosting?
Plunging into managed WP hosting is a better idea for WordPress Developer in Goa any day but when is it ideal for your needs to be brainstormed?

•      Time advantages
If you are keeping too busy to manage your website, you must take the time advantage of managed WordPress hosting as it automatically updates the themes, plugins and other technical aspects.

•      Check your plugin needs
Not all managed hosts offer all plugins to use. Before you select the service provider ensure that your plugin lists are offered by them. It is quite unheard of that a critical plugin might be unsupported by the hosting service provider.

•      You need expert guidance
Whether you are a pro or novice at Custom WordPress development, you need guidance and support always. With Managed WP hosting, you have access to expert team support so that your website never suffers downtime.

To wrap
The growing market share of managed WP hosting services are gaining space. While it costs a little more than the shared hosting, it is primarily for serious bloggers and website owners who want to maintain a stable and secure online presence.

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