Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Life at Rhizomatic Web

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work
– Steve Jobs.
Life at Rhizomatic web is great because we believe what we are doing is great work. We like to see ourselves not as ordinary people doing ordinary work, but as a pool of talented genius working on a mission. Any type of huge success requires a team, and teamwork is at the core of our work philosophy. We aspire to be a global organisation providing unlimited opportunities of personal growth and satisfaction for every team member along with providing equal satisfaction to each of our clients.
Our young and vibrant team doesn’t follow any hierarchies, after all the basic property of a “Rhizome” is to be asymmetrical. Our inclusive work environment means that everyone’s opinion is equally valued. There is openness towards discussing new ideas and the support for each other is very encouraging. We believe each talented individual from different background having a different point of view is a strategic advantage and a life long opportunity. Diversity in thoughts and ideas is what drives us to provide better services to our clients.
We are still in our early days and a small team. As we work towards a better future, our dedication to our work, keeps us motivated. Our days are usually filled with lots of tasks and pressing deadlines, planing & scheduling, client communication, recurring daily and weekly tasks, last moment incorporation, finding new ways to do things, learning & acquiring new skills, and of course lots of dreaming about the future. We work really hard to ensure that our organisation displays a high standard in everything we do.
We thrive on working hard but also enjoy ourselves in the process. Our team being located at multiple locations, we have lots of fun online. Team ‘WhatsApp’ group is filled with fun discussions and inspirational forwards. When we meet in person, we have a ball. In coming days as we our team grows in numbers, we have lots of fun activities lined up including our annual “Grand GT”. Small pranks and big discussions on butter chicken are part of our routine.

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