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Industry Leader Tips for Organizing Time

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When you are aiming to achieve success, the way you handle your time in managing your connections and opportunities matter a lot. Your daily habits play a very significant role in making you successful in the future.

Whatever you aim at achieving and your actions towards achieving that have a major impact on shaping up your professional life. Some of the most well-known industry leaders give the credit of their success to their daily rituals which they follow incessantly.

Here are a few tips by some of the leading entrepreneurs who have proven their worth in the business world and have reached great heights of success in their respective fields.

Conduct Several Meetings Simultaneously in One Single Location
If you have one too many meetings in a single day, plan them in such a way that they are all conducted in a single place. By attending such meetings back-to-back you can aim at higher efficiency.

This way you need not constantly keep reminding yourself about the upcoming meeting and juggle between several tasks. This is a practice followed by Tiffany Pham who founded MOGUL which is a renowned platform for women. She says that if she has several meetings

Prioritize Your Actions of The Day Into a To-Do List
A to-do list is one of the most effective tools which goes a long way in helping you organize and manage your time efficiently. You should constantly keep triaging this list and aim at finishing up the tasks of high priority first.

EnergySage’s CEO, Vikram Aggarwal believes that by doing this you can be more efficient in managing your time dedication for each task throughout the day.

Block Time for Each Task
Falling into the varied distractions every day is an inevitable scenario for many. This further leads to playing catch up the next day, the day after that and so on. This cycle can keep going on forever and it can even affect your business in a detrimental way.

When you block a certain amount of time for each task, it will keep you on track. For example, you can schedule a separate time slot dedicated to just respond to all the emails, an hour dedicated just for the meetings, and other such day to day tasks.

This is an important tip by Jayna Cooke who is the CEO of EVENTup.

Spend Less Time Reading & Responding to Emails
With so much flow of emails, it is most likely that you get caught up going through and responding to emails. You may get a feeling that a lot of tasks are nearing completion but the fact is that many of the important tasks of the day take a backseat and their completion gets delayed.

According to William Hsu who is one of the managers at Mucker Capital, allotting a certain block of time just for emails helps you stay focused on the important tasks of the day and avoids a scenario wherein you give unnecessary time and attention to emails.

Manage Personal Relationship Management With the Help of Technology
Relationships with your clients and subordinates can do wonders for your organization. Instead of wasting time thinking about efficiently managing these relationships, make use of the several tools like CallPlease for this purpose.

Scheduling and strategizing an agenda relating to your engagement with these relationships can be a lot easier and faster when such a PRM tool is used. Vox Mobile’s CEO, Kris Snyder follows this tip to stay on top her game when it comes to managing relationships.

Balancing the needs of your company and your team associates is a gruesome task. As you can see above, prioritization makes it a lot easier to balance these two aspects of a business firm. A systematic approach to managing their time on a day to day basis has never failed to help the greatest leaders achieve higher levels of success and therefore is highly recommended.

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