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How Simon Sinek Found His “Why” For Growth?

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The secret sauce to exceptional success is a strong “Why”. Remember as a child how many “Why’s” did you put across and that is how you learned the fundamentals of life.

As we grow older we forget to find an answer to the “why” that would keep us marching ahead. “Paying daily bills” is not a strong enough “why” to keep you going to the job you do not like. The answer to why’s like this is quite deep-rooted and requires some serious introspection.

History has stood witness to success stories of people who achieved tremendous success in life just because the why was sorted. Several books and talks have been inspiring entrepreneurs to identify the driving force which would keep them going despite challenges and downfalls.

Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why” tops the bestselling charts in America. As an inspirational masterpiece, it urges great leaders to find their Why first.

Simon Sinek questions the readers about how Steve Job achieved extraordinary success. While Steve Job shared the resources and end goals with his competitors, his Why was much bigger and stronger than the rest.

This article summarizes the success philosophy of Simon Sinek and what every business owner needs to learn from it.

Start with Why as it inspires action
Identifying Why sounds simpler than it actually is. One needs to do all the hard work to find out the Why- How and What always follows. According to Sinek’s Golden Circle at the core of every success is a strong “why”.

Have you seen a toddler trying to grab a handful of candies from a glass jar that is stacked beyond his reach? Most of the toddlers are able to make it to the jar because what lies at the end of the struggle is their “Why”.

As grown-ups, we face multiple challenges in our life. Talking from a business perspective, in 2018 9 out of 10 startups failed in India. The failure was not driven by the absence of innovative ideas or inability to perform but the Why was not strong enough. Most of these startups failed miserably to identify their Why and communicate it to the consumers.

 Sinek puts across Apple’s success as the biggest example of having a strong “why”. A strong “why” can never be to become a multi-billion dollar company but it has to be something that does not change with the progress you make or the challenges you face.

Takeaways for Business Owners
If you are about to give up – Look at your “why”
Having a strong “why” acts as a guiding stick for business leaders. The business landscape is rough and until a fundamental belief is fortified, it is challenging to stay put in a cutthroat competitive environment. As per Sinek if you face challenges in customer acquisition, you can always put across your “why” to them which they can relate to and end up putting their trust in your service or product.

Market your “Why”
Apple worked very well with marketing their “why” to their targeted audience. Offering the users a prompt answer as to why your product or service, helps fortify a stronger connect which is easy to convert.

It is important for any business owner to know “why” they started with a business and “why” do they want to grow it. It is this Emotional Quotient which is going to help you build trust and pass it to your customers.

Get Started with Why and be ready to witness the unexpected success
Hardly did you know till now that both you and your customers are inspired by your “Why”. Now that we have given you a good understanding of “Start with Why” philosophy, it is time to uncover your “why”. Whether it is a social media post or an early morning jog, if you know the why, you may be surprised by the grit you have to make it happen.

If your “why” is believable, you will receive all the support from your friends, families, co-workers and customers to achieve the goals. You “why” gives you that undying belief that you can achieve what you desire to.

Find your why and get Free Consultation today.

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