Thursday, 12 December 2019

How important is your LinkedIn Company Page?

LinkedIn continues to be the largest professional network in the world. It is second only to Facebook in social media sites and even ahead of Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and others.
The LinkedIn Company Page is a platform where you can share updates about your company, news, upcoming events and more. The network allows you to connect with professionals connected to your industry and also look for customers.
LinkedIn Company Page
Here are a few tips to make use of LinkedIn to the fullest potential:

Increase visibility on your LinkedIn Company Page

Contrary to perception, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for lead generation. Post daily updates and articles on your LinkedIn company page to make sure it is visible to customers and there is consistent engagement.

Step 1: Regular posts on the Linkedin Company Page are a must

Post regularly on LinkedIn. If you are short of ideas,  use to discover content that is relevant to your business, and also schedule weekly posts to be published to your LinkedIn company page. This ensures that your LinkedIn page remains active, and that it stays on your customer’s radar.

Step 2: Get more LinkedIn followers on your company page

Keep in mind that your employees and colleagues play an important role in promoting your LinkedIn company page. Get the entire team to make use of it and participate actively on discussions. Ask your employees to include the LinkedIn company page in their email signature. This will help attract more attention to the page.

Step 3: Add a LinkedIn Follow button

We are all used to including a Facebook like box or a twitter follow widget in our websites. But have you thought of adding a LinkedIn Follow button on your website or blog? LinkedIn offers a plugin generator and that helps increase traction on your company page. Your followers will be updated with your posts, notifications and other events.

Step 4: Create and join groups on LinkedIn

One of the best ways to get your company in front of your customers is to create a group that is relevant to your field. In this group, you can start discussions, and create an open forum for your customers to share their opinions, suggestions and concerns. However, you must actively participate in the discussions yourself and address your customers’ opinions and feedback. You can also consider joining other groups and communities that are related to your niche. If you develop a connection with a potential customer in the group, you can send them a message via LinkedIn InMail and start building a stronger relationship with a potential customer.

Step 5: Complete your LinkedIn Company Page profile

Having a complete LinkedIn company page is a must. Your page should clearly convey what the company does and let your customers know the products and services you offer. Give special attention to the Summary section on LinkedIn. Many customer prefer to first look up a company on LinkedIn rather than look up its website. Your LinkedIn company page is as important as the website.
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