Thursday, 12 December 2019

How Important Is Google Plus?

Most of us are happy using Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn and haven’t paid much thought to Google Plus.
Google Plus is not dead

Why isn’t Google Plus so popular?

One of the reasons for this could be the perception that it’s not very convenient to use. It doesn’t seem as user friendly and looks complicated to learn. Secondly, Google+ hasn’t been around for as long and there aren’t as many people connected to it as Facebook.
Well, it is easy to understand that Google+ may not be as “friendly” as some of the other social media sites, however this may be just a factor of getting used to it. Once we are familiar with it, it would definitely be smooth sailing from there.

Is it really essential to use Google Plus?

Yes, because it contains several different features that are so effective they will definitely help you build your relationship with your target audience. After all, social media can only succeed through relationships that prosper. Google+ is an extremely strong and effective social media network especially because it is paired with Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps,   Google Analytics, Google Images, Google Search, etc. Google+  is a self contained unit giving you everything you need in one place. In case you have concerns regarding the reach, what you need to know is more and more people are signing up for gmail and using google+ everyday.
For marketers, it’s very important to use Google+ because being linked to Google, it has a direct bearing on your search engine rankings which means your content will be properly and appropriately optimized. So if you haven’t started on Google+ or have an account but aren’t active yet, this is the social media channel to get going on!
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