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Guaranteed SEO Services

I’ve often been asked the question, “Do you provide guaranteed SEO services?” or “Will you guarantee a first page Google rank? Other SEO companies do so“. While, we have on several occasions achieved top SEO rankings or first page results, there are several good reasons why a strong and reputable SEO company should not “guarantee” results.
guaranteed seo services
If you’ve availed SEO services before, very often you would have been told results would appear within a few months. So, how do you know your SEO consultants are working on it all this while? You’re not able to measure the results since they’re not immediate. In order to avoid the anxiety of what isn’t confirmed, it is quite understandable you would then get attracted to the idea of “Guaranteed SEO services”.
A common tendency is to go in for it because – 1) It’s guaranteed, I won’t pay if it doesn’t work 2) It’s cheap, let me try it out 3) If it doesn’t work, I’ve lost little anyway and can still try the other more expensive firm later.  Unfortunately, dealing with a low quality SEO company can often result in you 1) Losing your time 2) Losing your money 3) Being penalized by Google and losing whatever original rankings you had.
A random search for SEO services in a search engine is likely to show you sponsored ads claiming “Guaranteed SEO Services” or “First page SEO guaranteed!”  or “Get top 10 Google rankings” or even “First rank in Google – $100”. For that matter, why not browse through the SPAM folder in your email?  You might see the same ads there!
Google’s official statement on SEO reads –
“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.”

Here is Google’s one-page SEO guideline:

Google One Page SEO Guideline
Google One Page SEO Guideline – Click to access PDF

Reasons why you shouldn’t look for Guaranteed SEO Services

1)      Most SEO companies that offer guaranteed SEO services select their own keyword phrases that do not have much competition. Thus, there is a fairly high chance of success but the question is how many people are searching for that phrase? Will it bring any genuine traffic at all?
2)      Rankings aren’t stable as you might have been led to believe.
Have you tried being logged in to Google and searching for the same keyword phrase after logging out? Chances are the order of results will vary. Try searching for the same phrase from Mumbai and from Delhi – again most likely you will not see the same results.
3)      Rankings aren’t the overall performance metric
A great SEO campaign can be measured in terms of traffic generated and not ranking generated.  Achieving a high rank is a means of achieving the final goal which is traffic & a high rank may not be the only means, it is one of the means.
4)      Guarantees can’t be made for things you don’t control. How can you guarantee something that is a moving target? Google has changed it’s search algorithm far too often and always kept everyone guessing. Even a Google employee will agree that tactics that worked six months back have been devalued almost instantly.
So don’t go for guaranteed SEO services.  Go for smart & passionate SEO experts like Spree Marketing to work on your website’s search engine optimization increasing your traffic progressively and ultimately getting you the results you want. We will guarantee that we will provide you sound advice to get the traffic you want and give you a sense of satisfaction that we are your long term partners.
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