Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Graphic Designer Versus Web Designer – Which One Should I Hire For My Business?

Generally, in layman’s terms, a graphic designer and web designer are the same – “art designers”. Their work is pretty misunderstood owing to the vast use of similar tools. However, there is a huge difference right from goals to end results of the “artwork” of these two “professional artists”. There is nothing wrong with this confusion; however, it is best to clearly understand what sets them apart.

What is the common goal of these two designers?

Designers, as a whole spectrum of work, comprises of articulating vision into visual reality. Whether graphic or web, designers are visual communicators.

The bigger difference between these two designers

Let’s start with this. Graphic designing is the older generation and web designing is the younger generation. In simple words, and statistics, a lot of web designers today had some time back started off as graphic designers. Simultaneously, the interlinking aspect and groundbreaking difference between these two is one – element of movement. Thus, graphic designing yields a static design and website designing yields an interactive design (animation).

Do I need to hire a Graphic Designer or a Web Designer?

Well, it all comes down to the requirements of the business.
Graphic designers will be able to render something that will tempt people to hit the brakes after reading a delicious meal hoarding. Example of this kind of designing is essentially advertisements, street-signs, product designs, magazines, print media and even mock-ups of websites. Categorically, if graphics designing needs to be segregated, it will branch out in print media, web media (social media graphics, app designers, and website designers) or both (logos, brand identity systems).
Website designers will get a website to process orders, navigate from one page to other or a different website altogether. When it comes to web designing, there is scope for animation, interaction, and transaction in real-time.
While graphic designers specifically rely on client’s needs and requirements, web designers make a design suitable for multiple user needs and functionality. There is a creative and convergent thought process behind designing graphics. It does not mean that web designers lack creativity; but that their thought process is also driven by critical thinking.

So does this mean the work of website designers costs more?

Considerably, yes. Factor in the integration with internet, wireframes, and prototypes. Furthermore, an involvement of analysts, program managers, developers, and strategists add to the amount of work. It is easy to assess that the heads put together to get the website live and running is sufficiently more. Unlike graphics, web designs don’t really need to worry about the color and typography. They are more concerned with the file size, resolution, website loading fast and running efficiently.
It is one thing to deliver a fantastic looking design. However, turning that design into a good user experience is an altogether different ball game. If the business requires an artistic aspect and visual appeal, then hiring a graphic designer is the most ideal option. But when it comes to technical aspects involving the World Wide Web, web designers are ideal for the job.

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