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Facebook Marketing for Business Growth

Facebook has evolved into an essential part of Online Marketing

Facebook marketing empowers companies and brands to actively communicate with their audience and also enjoy the opportunity of exploring the market for new customers.
Facebook Marketing
Facebook helps you connect and share

Facebook Marketing For Business Growth

Why should a business have a Facebook page?
While you are busy managing your business, let Facebook take care of your customers. Facebook is one of the platforms that:
  • Helps you reach your target audience
  • Communicates with your customers
  • Generates awareness among the target market about your services & products.
  • Gets feedback for your business
Facebook For Business
Facebook For Business
Facebook marketing provides various options enabling you to zero down to an audience within your niche. You can run campaigns primarily to get the audience to like your fanpage and thus be linked to your posts and you can also optimize your campaigns to ensure greater traffic to your website.
There are various filtering options available like targeting audience within a specific country, an age group, marital status & showing interest towards a particular subject.
E.g. A cosmetic company can target females in India in top metro cities within the age group of 18 to 40 and having interest in beauty, fitness & cosmetic products.
The Facebook Advertisements manager also provides an insight regarding the potential reach of audience as per the filtering chosen. Regular posts help to generate greater fan following for the page & care has to be taken to tweak the topics as per the tastes of your audience. You can engage your customers through attractive posts and draw their attention. While posts most often relate to descriptions of your products and services, the ads are generally direct and invite your customers to fulfill a desired action. Contests run on Facebook encourage your customers to communicate with your brand. You can also run polls in order to generate feedback about your business. All your posts should educate your audience as well as entertain them. Yes, it is most important to have a combination of both because you need to keep your audience captivated while also creating awareness.
Developing a relationship with your customer is fundamental, and in order to do so make sure that you post regularly. Encourage your audience to like, understand and participate in your posts. This will give you a clear feedback about how they perceive your brand. While you may not need random posts, you do need to decide a theme based around which you develop your posts. This has generally been observed to create an image which helps to connect better with the audience & develop your fan base.
When your foundation is strong, you are all set to generate sales for your brand.
The sales pitch should be strong & encouraging, showcasing your best product/service features & may talk about instant discounts. One of the best elements of a sales pitch is to get audience feedback by asking questions. It is a great way to identify your audiences’ needs.
You can create several Facebook Ads campaigns on the basis of your sales pitch & target market. It is helpful to start with a pilot project, as the results help you to tweak your advertising campaigns and create more efficient ads.
So why not take these simple steps & boost your sales?
  • Build a fan page
  • Add photos, videos & engaging posts
  • Consider your audience, ask questions
  • Develop a contact form
  • Integrate blogs to communicate with your customers better
  • Organize polls, surveys & events
  • Develop your fan base & monitor your page
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