Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Does Teamwork Really Matter?

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Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, every day you are fighting a different battle. With the scale of globalization, the competition is cutthroat and survival is a daily challenge.

However, some of the organizations just seem to be sailing smoothly. Backed by a strong team who share, manage and balance the workload effectively to attain a common goal is making things easy for them.

An ideal team is not the best and brilliant minds always, it is the appropriate collaboration and synchronization within the team to utilize the opportunity and make it possible for the organization to grow. The talents and skills need to be interwoven appropriately as teamwork plays a crucial role.

Teamwork is one of the most underutilized assets of any organization. Let us look at why teamwork means a lot:

Silos do not work:
For effective and productive work to happen, the team members need to work together to deliver creativity and innovation. Working in silos and putting blinders on the team may ensure the work gets done but may not inject excellence into the deliveries. According to the latest surveys around 39% of employees believe that their workplace is missing team collaboration.

So the drive is there, there is no mistaking that your workforce wants more collaboration, and sees a need for it. What they require now is the leadership to direct this change. Silos don’t come down on their own; a shift toward a more collaborative culture needs to come from the top, down.

Trained Teamwork
First and foremost, the team needs to use collaborative tools to streamline the teamwork. The team needs to have a regular dialog, to make sure deliverables are done timely. When the team works together, only then the cornerstones of a productive project are laid out. As per a market survey, almost 75% of employers pick teamwork as the prime driver of growth.

Work Place values
Specifically developed values of an organization are put into action only with the better and well-built team. It is a free method to quickly achieve better outputs. Additionally, if there are workplace issues, the productivity witnesses a serious dip which is not right for the organization. 97% of employees believe that the lack of team alignment negatively impacts the quality of the project.

Conjoined Teams
If there is regular friction within the team, the routine challenges will magnify instead of getting resolved timely. The completion of project objectives can only be achieved when the team members communicate and stay aligned. Around 86% of the employers believe a missing collaborative team is a major contributor to workplace failures.

Duplication of Tasks
Tasks and goals need to be synchronized. Without the team working together, there will be heavy duplication of tasks and the progress will be deterred.  The responsibilities are ignored and the team is left frustrated without any direction.

The teams that have disconnect are not a good resource for the organization. The workplace honesty and transparency among teams at every level boosts productivity.

Efficient Problem Solving
Working together increases productivity and builds a community approach for task handling. The ground breaking innovations have never happened in silos, working together renders the team’s problem-solving capabilities which expedite the work progress.

Success means nothing if you do not have people to share with. Same is true for your Business Growth. If you have right people working with you at right time, success become easy. Business Growth requires a good team. Creating and working with a good team ensures Success. It is important to identify the Key Benefits of having a good team and the process of building a good team. Watch our latest teamwork video and know that A Good Team is about ‘Right’ People not Best People.

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