Thursday, 12 December 2019

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Spree Marketing offers a wide range of Digital Marketing Services

Inclusive of advertising on platforms such as –
  • Google Adwords – Google search ads displayed as advertised search results in Google
  • Google Display Ads – These are usually graphic based ads appearing in websites
  • Remarketing – This is a marketing strategy for users who express interest by clicking on a display ad but do not convert. The ad will pursue them even on other websites a specified number of times thus encouraging them to consider again.
  • Bing Ads – Search based ads displayed in the Bing network – Usually a cheaper option than Google Ads.
  • Facebook Ads – These are graphic based ads appearing in the facebook sidebar or newsfeed. These can be targeted to specific locations/ interest-based targeting.
  • LinkedIn Ads – A popular online advertising service used in the business industry, often in B2B advertising. LinkedIn can be used to display ads specific to companies/ verticals.
Most Ad services can be setup for a Pay-Per-Click model or Pay-Per-View model as the platform allows and as is suitable considering the nature of the business.
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