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Chatbot Development

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Chatbots have brought about a huge change in the way businesses interact with their customers. A high-quality chatbot provides a positive and enhanced experience for each customer. A survey carried out by Oracle showed that 80 percent of the businesses wanted to use chatbots by next year. Furthermore, 35 percent of the consumers wanted more companies to use chatbots, according to a survey report published by Ubisent. This is interesting information because the practice is still in its nascent stage. Chatbot development enhances the customer experience in many ways as follows:

They enable seamless live chat
24/7 customer service
Unlike humans, they can handle queries without getting tired
They ensure a smoother and stress-free journey for customers
IVR can be done away with
Chatbots personify your brand
Chatbot Development – Some of the Best Uses
They can make ordering and tracking delivery a quick and easy affair. You can text, tweet, or send a voice message even from your car.

If you want to buy something, say a pair of shoes, but do not have a specific item in mind, chatbots can be asked to provide product suggestions depending on what you want (in terms of colour, style, brand, etc.)

You can provide round the clock customer service with the help of chatbots. They quickly provide answers to customer queries, address their complaints, and help them track their order status.

Chatbots can be used for knowing the current weather conditions in an area. They can also be set to provide updates and reminders for a specific time of the day.

It is possible to use chatbots as personal financial assistants as well. They make trading easy, provide notifications as regards stock market trends, help you find a mortgage, or track your finances.

They can also be used for searching current flights and tracking wait times and delays.

Chatbot Development – Some of the Key Advantages
Some of the key benefits of using chatbots that your business cannot afford to miss out are:

Customers find chatbots very exciting. So, you should not disappoint them. Online surveys show that 44 percent of consumers prefer to deal with chatbots rather than human customer service personnel.

Chatbots deal with customer queries clearly within the preset limits. They are most helpful in clarifying simple, common, and repetitive questions. This is because the information required for such responses is readily available. Customer support service personnel can handle complex queries.

They help brands cut down their operational costs. According to Chatbots Magazine, brands can save up to 30 percent of the costs involved in handling billions of support requests made annually by customers.

Chatbots present brands with avenues for sales and marketing. It is possible to design chatbots that are capable of closing sales by way of robust marketing.

They are very helpful to brands in keeping their existing customers engaged and market and sell products by way of push notifications and 24/7 interaction.

SplendorNet Technologies
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