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Advantages of live chat support

What is the secret mantra for success in the digital world? It is nothing but the speed of delivery.
Today’s customer wants everything instantly, and technology makes it possible.
But do you think the same is true when we think about customer service? Well, it is not if you are still using old-fashioned ways.
Gone are the days when customers were happy to get a response in a few days or hours. They expect it now in minutes. Delay in giving a reply to a customer brings a high risk of losing him.
Therefore, it is high time to switch to smarter and faster ways.
One of the ways is the use of Live Chat to respond to your customers. It makes it possible to have a real-time conversation with your customers when they are browsing your website.
live chat

Today’s customer wants it!

Statistics say that one-third of customers want a live chat. They prefer communicating with the chatbot and getting their queries resolved then and there.
Customers love it! Why? Because it is a quick and convenient way. And it is a hundred times faster than any other service channel.
No wonder from banks to restaurants, and insurance companies to E-commerce websites, and food delivery sites to utility services; everyone is introducing a live chat facility on the website.
Let’s talk about a few benefits of offering live chat support.

Live chat is a lot more than quick customer support

Experts say that providing live chat support isn’t just a way to support your customers. But it is something that positively impacts your business.
In the era of connectivity, people want to remain connected always
Customers do not want to wait in the long queue while calling at the call center. Also, they don’t like to expect your business to open. They want a resolution to their queries instantly whenever they wish.
Installing a live chat system like Drift, you can offer live chat platform that can even schedule a meeting also. The automated lead collection and support tool provided by Drift is quite useful for your sales team.
Drift is the only tool that is customizable, configurable, and it offers automation support.

Real-time interaction keeps the customers engaged

By installing state-of-the-art systems such as Zendesk or Intercom, you get highly intuitive software platforms that can anticipate the requirements of your customers.
If a customer is proactively approached by a chat boat, then most probably he or she will engage in a deal.

Live chat software enables you to:

  • Proactively engaging with customers to initiate business.
  • Connecting fast and responding fast to customers.
  • Tracking the browsing details and responding to customers.
  • Automatically connecting to customers.
  • Gathering demographic information of the customers.
  • Adding to customer support system.
Thus, by installing smart live chat systems, you can achieve an increase in sales. Zendesk is considered the best in collecting and organizing customer information. It offers smart scheduling tools to manage meetings.
Intercom chats have been quite effective in boosting sales. It can send an automated email to users so that they can be converted into customers. You do not have to buy a separate tool now. It has been embedded with chat.
Moreover, Intercom gives the whole conversation in one feed. So, you don’t have to run pillar to post for compiling the communication history. It is incredibly convenient, indeed.

Support your customers in the best way

Live chat systems like JivoChat improve the way you respond to the customers. When they browse through the website, the chat box pops up automatically so that customer can get in touch with you by chatting live.
It is quite enticing for the visitor as he an immediate answer to the question that is troubling him. It is easy to customize the frequently asked questions.
JivoChat is ideal in collecting customer information also. They can leave the credentials so that you can contact them later and understand what they are looking for?
Thus, by establishing a personal rapport, you can explore more about them.


In the fiercely competitive market where customers expect 24×7 support, you have to be proactive in providing it.
The best way is to offer a Live Chat platform which is automated, available round the clock, and customer friendly.
All live chat platforms work on all types of devices. The interface is easy to use and universal. Adding the feature and integrating with the backend is not tricky.
You can seek support of an expert if you are not confident about it.
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