Thursday, 12 December 2019

Adopting Snapchat for Business

Social media is so widely used in social circles so successfully and commonly that social life of modern human beings revolves around social media. A lot of business and marketing is already carried out through Facebook pages and chat groups, promoting various products and services among restricted groups. It is thus proved that the same technology can be formally and officially utilized for business promotion. It enables one to reach out to thousands of customers easily and quickly.
snapchat for business
One such platform is Snapchat, which already boasts of millions of users across the world, mostly in the age groups of twenties and thirties. It is an app like other apps on the mobile phone. Like all other social media, Snapchat is a business app through which you can share word content, images and videos. These are called ‘snaps’. They can be viewed only for a short while, may be 10 seconds or even less, as specified by the advertisers. After the specified period, the snaps disappear and cannot be viewed again.

Special features of Snapchat

  • Snapchat gives a better, candid view of your business
  • It gives a view of what happens behind the scenes in a company.
  • It keeps your brand name in the forefront
  • You can establish a close relationship with customers
  • Users can personally interact with brands
  • Customers can compare products, rates and other features
  • Snapchat QR code or snapchat code can be saved as a profile picture and displayed on other social media
  • A snapchat identity is like a personal identity that can be uploaded on other social media to attract followers
  • One can get followers from multiple sources
  • Since the images are destroyed after a time limit, snapchat is extremely safe
  • It asks for the birthdate before you get added so that kids cannot get access to it.
  • You can create a ‘story’ by adding apps and it will be destroyed after 24 hours.
  • The snaps you send are scored and you can get your day’s score to test your success.
  • An influential snap chat user can take over your account and enable you to reach out to more customers.
  • You can demonstrate the actual use of your product by previous customers in real time and locations.
  • Snap chat can be used as a guide to new products by customers.
  • You can authenticate your identity on a hyper-social network.
  • You can advertise periodic events.
  • Snap chat gives you an opportunity to know and understand your customers and their needs and inclinations better.
  • The greatest advantage is that you do not have to initiate customer actions; it is the other way round. Customers and consumers set the pace and direction.
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