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7 High Converting Landing Page Types

What is a Landing Page?

In the purest sense, a landing page is any webpage that a visitor can arrive at or ‘land on’. A landing page is also defined as a webpage distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective which means that your landing page should have no global navigation to tie it to your primary website.
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Reasons You Need Landing Pages

Landing pages are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer’s lead generation efforts. Let us see how-
  • Easily Generate Leads – Using Landing pages on your website provides a very easy way to generate leads for your sales team. Most companies send their email, social media, and search traffic to their unfocused homepages. You could capture leads simply by sending online traffic to targeted landing pages.
  • Provide Fuel for other Marketing Channels – Content is the platform which helps us reach to a successful inbound marketing place. Landing pages are a great addition to any marketer’s content as they can be shared in social media, be linked with PPC adds and much more.
  • Offer Insights to Effectiveness – By tracking and analyzing, you can collect a lot of insight into your marketing performance with the help of metrics like Cost Per Lead, Cost per Channel etc. associated with your landing pages.
There are other aspects of landing pages  – It gives your offer a place to live, understands which prospects are more engaged, can collect demographic information about prospects  and much more.

 Relationship between a High Conversion Rate and Landing Page

Conversion rate is understood by the performance of your website. Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales volume. A high conversion rate is a sign which tells that your sales volume will increase by enhancing the performance of your website.
To get a high conversion rate we opt for different methods such as increased sponsored  advertising, producing more traffic,  and using suitable types of landing pages.
In order to reach  a high conversion rate here are some of the elements that should be considered while designing your landing page.  –
  • Unique value proposition in a concise headline
  • Image/video showing context of use
  • Request for data and a fair value item in exchange
  • Call to Action should use principles of conversion
  • Centered design to stand out from rest of the page
  • Trust elements like testimonials, Facebook comments should be used

 Types of Landing Pages

Depending on your objective, landing pages can be classified into 7 major types.
  1. Email List Opt-in Landing page – the most effective spots to place an email opt-in form is not on your homepage, not in your side bar but it is on a dedicated landing page. Creating an email list opt-in landing page gives you the room you need to tell people why they will benefit from giving you their contact information. Creating an effective email opt-in landing page is pretty straight forward and easy.
    • Start off with a strong headline like something featuring the benefits offered by you
    • Then details should be flushed out such as what do people get in exchange for their email address, or you are offering a free download like an eBook or a special report
    • And finally the opt-in form, the form should be short and simple for optimum results. The fewer fields you include, generally the better your conversion rate.
  2. Start Here Landing Page – Your website performs a lot of duties for your business such as informing people about your brand and much more. When someone lands on your website for the first time, there are multiple directions they can go in, the direction they choose isn’t always the right one. They might land on information in which they are not interested.
    • A start here landing page can remove all these problems as it is included in the navigation so new visitors can easily find it, no matter where they enter your website.
    • Start here page will give them the ultimate first impression of your business.
  3. Content Guide Landing page – Inbound marketing is all about content. If you blog or create free information products for your audience, you can get even more value from that content by organizing it on its own landing page.
    • You can easily give your visitors a world-class tour of your best service by creating topic-specific content landing pages.
  4. Guest Post Landing page – Guest posts do a lot of wonderful things for you and your website. But the most valuable thing is the traffic they can send your way. Your homepage is absolutely not the best place for these visitors.
    • Using a custom guest post landing page to carry the conversation from the host blog to your own website.
    • Guest post landing pages direct the traffic to the right spots resulting in getting more email subscribers
    • The most important thing your guest post landing page does is maintain a consistent vibe for your readers
  5. Viral Landing Page – Viral advertising has become an increasingly powerful marketing tool and companies are using this to great effect in their website’s landing pages.
    • Such a landing page intends to create curiosity about a particular product or service by using flash games or funny videos to generate interest.
    • Also using flexible web templates can help you achieve a high conversion rate
  6. Lead Capture Landing Page – To secure potential customers, this style of landing page can be a very clever option.
    • The intent of these pages is to gather leads from potential customers by asking them to leave their contact information so that they can be tracked for selling.
    • This is the way to build a mailing list of potential customers and then take other actions to create  huge traffic resulting in high conversion rate
  7. Thankyou Landing Page– one of the biggest wasted opportunities on many websites is the thankyou page.
    • This is the page people are redirected to after they opt-in to your email list, sign up for an event, or purchase a product.
    • Anyone who lands on your thankyou page has indicated that they are interested in what you offer to some degree.
    • At that moment, they are highly engaged with your business and it’s the right time to push that relationship a little further by making a second offer.
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