Thursday, 12 December 2019

7 Advantages of Facebook’s New Emoticons

From the inception of Facebook, the most powerful social media networking platform, only the “Like” button was offered to show your emotion about a post. There wasn’t any way to dislike something, may be agree, may be hate, may be feel embarrassed. You could only like or leave as is.
facebook emotions
In a recent update, Facebook has introduced new emojis that convey “love,” “haha,” “yay,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry”. The purpose of these new faces is to allow the user to convey appropriate emotions though a more convincing face rather than just text.  The feature is said to be available in a few select countries first and then rolled out subsequently in other places.

What are the advantages of Facebook’s New Emoticons?

1. The emoticons convey emotions clearly: As people started communicating verbally on different social media platforms, they realized that the written communication has a limitation. An image or a facial expression conveys much more than plain text and can convey a lot more.  It is important to associate a face with the relevant emotion with the message as this eliminates the possibility of misunderstanding and miscommunication. The term Emoticon has been coined by amalgamating two words Emotion+Icons. Smileys have proven successful and people have been using it for quite a long time. This time, Facebook has taken the decision to go ahead with them to convey feelings regarding posts.
2. Emoticons make the communication lively: As people insert cute emoticons in the conversation, it becomes greatly exciting and lively. Don’ts all of us get excited when someone likes our post? It’ll be great to see how people react to wows and hahas 🙂
3. They overcome the limitations of Like and Dislike: Everyone felt that only liking or disliking something is not sufficient. For example, if someone posts about some accident or there is a mishap neither Like nor Dislike can express the real sentiment for such posts.  Therefore, people missed emoticons in Facebook. There was definitely a need to introduce cute little faces that express human feelings and emotions precisely and effectively.
4. It makes Facebook contemporary: It was a long pending demand of Facebook maniacs. They were missing the cute little faces that express the emotions in the most precise way.
5. Emoticons bring a competitive advantage: Facebook users were feeling it quite difficult to express several other emotions that were available in other platforms. Now, Facebook will overcome this deficiency.
6. Facebook’s new emoticons will increase penetration: Facebook is still the number one social medium and people use it to share thoughts, events, and many other things. Since Facebook is also the most progressive, innovation and creativity are always the top-most priorities. It is quite evident that Facebook considers the introduction of the emoticon so important that the announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO himself. As per Mark, Facebook wants to offer something more than the “Like” button. With the introduction of these new emotions, people will find Facebook communication greatly interesting and engaging.
7. The emoticons will please users: Facebook is hopeful that users will like the icons and respond with warmth and vigor. In fact, the whole world is curiously waiting for the response.
facebooks new emoticons
In course of time, there will be a phenomenal increase in the types and varieties of emoticons to make Facebook greatly user-friendly. Facebook’s new emoticons are an initiative in the sequence of the latest efforts made to make Facebook even more engaging. Facebook had earlier announced tools for personalizing profiles and user posts. Later there was an announcement about a tool to draw photos. It is evident that Facebook can be even more than what it currently is.
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