Thursday, 12 December 2019

5 Strategies To Make Viral Content

Every month, truckloads of content is posted online. Not every piece of content can be a hit or a sensation, but creating share-worthy content is easier than most think. Every one of us can succeed in creating valuable content for our target audience.
Viral Content

How to succeed in making Viral Content

Firstly, the type of content matters. i.e. We should have a judgment about which type of content will go viral with our target audience – whether it should be intellectual, emotional, cheerful, motivating etc. Some smart strategies need to be adopted which will help you to make your content multiply; create  mass interest and multiple eyeballs. Let’s take a look at these 5 strategies.
  1. Social Media Sharing– People love something that  is attractive. Attractive content includes that which is inspiring, humorous, emotional and motivating as well. Posts which provide  inspiration to achieve bigger goals in life are always loved by people. When something is loved by someone they tend to share that with their friends and closed ones.
  2. Blogging – Writing blogs is easier than you think but what you need to pay heed to is how to achieve share and spread as soon as possible. For blogs, creating valuable content is important as well as maximizing its power by sharing it through multiple media.
  3. Create Relevant Images – We like to spend our precious and busy time on Pinterest and Instagram. Have you ever thought why? Pictures are appealing, easy to consume, and even inspiring. Images stimulate our brains and give us a deeper understanding of anything. Images with big, readable headline text perform well. To create attractive images you can visit, a free and easy to use design tool where you can upload your own background as well as text and other visual components to the image. There are also infographic creation softwares available.
  4. Build a feeling of Anticipation – People love looking forward to what will happen next. Anticipation is one of the most highly reported feelings in viral content. Your content posts should be connected in a manner so that they can be linked with each other.
  5. Pay to Play – The fifth step is spend few bucks to promote your best content. Imagine you have written such good content but it is not getting as much attention as it deserves. You need to promote it by spending on sponsored advertising.
Creating great content is a good achievement. After that following the above mentioned strategies will make your content go viral and multiple among your desired audience.
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