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5 Strategies To Acquire Website Traffic

“Economy of scale” works when you showcase your business on the Internet. The more website traffic you get, the higher is the profitability.
website traffic

Use 5 tested strategies to reap big benefits.

1. Social Media

When you create content, the fundamental objective is to receive as many eyeballs as possible. Social media is an incredible platform where you can share and schedule the content and make it easy for readers to share the same to their contacts
  • Share and re-share the content as much as possible.
  • Popularize the content at the right time. Post intelligently to grab the attention of the maximum people.
  • Tweet and re-tweet the link. Use attention generating graphics.
  • The blog post should contain quotes or quips that people will tweet.
  • Use social warfare plugins to know the pulse of the competitive market.
  • Add meta data to the content.
  • Optimize the post for image sharing and mobile sharing.

2. Email Marketing

Email Marketing can bring sizable website traffic if correctly used. There are several simple and effective techniques to grow the email list.
  • Make the Email list comprehensive. You can use social marketing campaigns for it.
  • Well-designed RSS feed brings good links.
  • Newsletter pop-up is considered intrusive by many people, but from the business owner’s perspective, it turns out to be quite useful in acquiring leads.
  • The best hook for website traffic through email is always achieved by a catchy subject line.
  • Make the email as personal as possible. Use the words “You” and “Me”. It is  best to include the name of the person in the body.
  • Don’t send emails indiscriminately. Try to segment them as much as possible.
  • End the mail with an appropriate Call To Action. It is the very objective of sending an email.

3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that can help the search engine in locating your website quickly. Also, you enhance the website ranking by adapting right techniques. The higher the rank is, the more visible your website. Here are some sure-shot effective ways of achieving it:
  • Always write content that is easily understandable by the search engine.
  • Maintain the frequency of content. If you come out with meaningful and relevant content regularly, it keeps the search engine spiders engaged.
  • Make the right use of link building. Whether you use outbound links or back links, reciprocal or direct; they should preferably come from blogs or PR of the same niche.

4. Mobile Website Traffic

Since more people see your online presence through handheld devices, more website traffic can be generated if the website is mobile optimized. Here are some tips for it:
  • Develop good quality mobile landing page. Sometimes, people choose to develop ‘mobile only’ page instead of duplicating efforts and expenses.
  • Make the webpage keeping into consideration the limited bandwidth. Normally mobiles use slow Internet connectivity. Hence, heavy pages load slowly. Right design of webpage makes it optimal.
  • Use responsive website design instead of static. It customizes the layout to the size of the screen, making the website easy for customers to read and click. Statistics shows that Ecommerce websites immensely get benefited by it, and there is a high probability of getting business.

5. Content Marketing

Page content is a pivotal aspect of acquiring website traffic. The inherent SEO value of the content determines its capability of bringing traffic. You can use any of the content types as per your choice; optimize it well so that the search engine can sense it. Write naturally and add great value to it.

Website Traffic through Optimum Website Content

  • Update the blog regularly. The latest the content is, higher is the possibility of increasing website traffic. You should be considered the “thought leader” who brings the best content for the readers.
  • Curate content or comment on the content written by others on your blog as well as social media account. You can curate or comment on the latest events, a breaking news or innovations in your niche.
  • Make use of multimedia content as much as possible. It keeps readers engaged.
  • Provide downloadable resources to readers. They increase website traffic as well as the reputation of your website. Ebook, webinar, workbook or audio-video recording are a few examples.
  • Create multiple landing page designs and test them. Change the Call To Action, Image, content and assess the results. This will give you appropriate feedback to generate the right kind of leads.
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