Wednesday, 11 December 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Website Updated

Word is out that technology is the future. This has been a fact in the open for at least a last decade now. Every business, whether big or small, from any sector of varied industries, knows the inescapable truth that the most cost-effective source of business is presence on the internet. In other words, a website is an effective marketing strategy and a foolproof way to drive your sales. Every business invests in a good website. However, it’s not enough to just push content once and forget about updating it every now and then. Here are 5 reasons why you should keep your website updated regularly.

Content = Keywords

Whenever fresh content is pushed on the internet, the protocol of “keywords” is always maintained. Keywords and SEO engines are a perfect match in the indexing and ranking world. With pertinent keywords, the search engines quickly recognize your website and display your articles/content in search results. The more articles you publish, the more keywords are fed to algorithms and more chances that website gets more hits. For instance, a tourism website will offer many packages and deals for various locations in India. Each time you add an article about different locations, the keywords can link to these packages. The search engine will recognize your website as the place for people to search those destination packages and information.

Redesign = Visual Appeal

The first impression of your website is the visual appeal. Visitors quickly decide whether they want to go through your website or not within the first few minutes. If the website is harmonious and consistent, it means it’s well thought and designed. Eventually, your website’s bounce rate will be lower. We renovate houses every now and then so why not websites? Technologies evolve leaving some to become obsolete. An example of this is Flash which was used to deliver rich multimedia content. The redesign also gives you an opportunity to rethink about radical updates in coding, conversion rating and SEO targeting for your website.

Constant Posts = Active And Alive

Do you love your website? If yes, then don’t procrastinate. An updated website is a strong indicator that you are still running in the competition. Employees dedicate 10-12 hours max to your business, but a website runs 24×7. Make it count. Would you go to a restaurant that no longer posts about its specials, new menus, offer and deals? Wouldn’t you be ecstatic if your favorite restaurant announces a mobile app for booking a table and selecting the menu?

Updated Content = Link To Other Websites, Bloggers, Webmasters

Readers, bloggers, webmasters are always keen to link new and interesting material to their website. In doing so, they add value to your marketing strategy as well. If you don’t have anything new to link to and your competitor does, where do you think that leaves you? For instance, a leading Real-Estate company may want renowned bloggers to know about their latest project and re-post about the awesome amenities they provide in their luxurious townships. Followers of these bloggers will in turn want to see the property and their footfall will definitely increase.

Reduced Risk Of Security Flaws

“Set and forget” philosophy does not work here. The likelihood of older websites being affected by security flaws and subsequent hacking is much greater as they are built on older technology. It is too stressful if you have to build something new from scratch with lost/compromised data.

How often should you keep your website updated?

The purpose of every business is different. Hence, the goal of every website is different. When it comes to domains like lifestyle, sports, artists, tourism, media, and technology, the more you post the better it is for your brand. No limitations even on per day basis if you have the resources to do so. But when it comes to corporate domains like law firms, real estate, investment firms, banking, etc., you cannot expect to post as much as you could for, say, a lifestyle blog. A thumb rule of 3-4 articles per week should suffice the need.
To conclude, keep updating as your website needs a regular facelift. In allowing so, you let your brand and business grow multifold.

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