Wednesday, 11 December 2019

5 Brands That Reflect Effective Content Writing

Why is effective content so important? We went on to read some statistics and what was deducted is this – 93% of B2B organizations rely on content marketing for brand building and demand generation. A website out there may be the most handsome looking but what worth is it if the content is poorly crafted? The secret formula to an effectively written website is – there is no secret formula! There are only useful tips to produce high-quality content that grabs attention. So, let’s take inspiration from some websites that have successfully managed to crack the code of effective writing and making heads turn in the digital world. Some belong to the food industry, some from hardcore software to the flashy fashion industry.


This is a household name that needs no introduction or even popularity anymore. It’s like etched in our hearts forever! Yet, they manage to spread the latest news – right from political to Bollywood insights just with a picture. Yes, a picture from Amul with the girl-mascot is truly worth a thousand words. Amul has, since 1946, studied its audience and known the market and competition. Their poster ads for “Amul Butter” target their audiences with a simple but pun-intended picture, not letting go off any opportunity. They are so popular and iconic, both in rural and metros that people actually wait for their next poster ads. This advertising is considered to be the most innovative and game-changing in terms of high-quality content.


Zomato is one of the top Indian brands that has excelled in content marketing. It is a digital directory that you can rely on to find best restaurants around. But besides their functional app value, Zomato has excelled in putting out effective content via videos, TV ads, various social media campaigns, and other infographics. In their content and social media posts, they say what exactly we feel about food. Zomato has found the knack to engage audiences. Their content strategy builds amazing stories around the content they wish to advertise.


Now this one robust example of how to place content on your website effectively and efficiently. Most site visitors take only a few seconds to judge before whether they want to stay back and read more or leave the site altogether. Devrix makes sure they see what they are looking for without giving the feeling that they have to read everything. Devrix is a WordPress Agency which strives to educate its users on all things related to WordPress. Do visit their Business Guide page which, besides WordPress, familiarizes readers with all business and technical aspects of website planning to development.


“Bech De” and “Sabh Kuch Bikta Hai” is symptomatic of how easy it is to sell and purchase stuff. People relate to OLX because it is a common Indian household problem of getting rid of old house clutter. Their content’s success mantra is humor marketing through TVC’s and video marketing. The content is so “day-to-day” and compelling that it motivates people to actually use their service. Besides, if you visit their website, it is full of descriptive keywords that circle around what is most searched or top viewed, basically a keyword rich content. And of course we remember the super famous, specially composed slogan song “Oh Womaniya”.

Vogue India

Speaking of Womaniya, the Vogue India campaigns in India are totally gripping by addressing the more potent social issues around women. They publish content that belongs to a widely talked-about niche. If you happen to visit the site, you will note that there is powerful storytelling and instant buzz about everything around the globe, underlying of course, #VogueEmpower. Vogue has found a deep relevancy in the digital world by subtly curating beautiful content that readers love to read.
So what have we learned? The key takeaways from these rocking brands and their content are simple – distinguish yourself (be unique-niche content), set the laser efforts focused on a goal, know your audience and engage their interest. Remember that great content is not just about the brand, it is meant for the readers/viewers and to help them make better choices. Keep it short, simple and regularly updated.

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