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4 Ways to Use Facebook for Your Business

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Facebook is still one of the most effective tools to promote your business online, because this is where you connect with your friends and family. This is no more a meeting place for your loved ones. In the past few years, it has grown into a much better and bigger tool for your business which helps you to interact with your customers directly.

In the following blog post, we will discuss about the top 4 ways to use Facebook for your business and how a reputed social media marketing agency in Goa can help you achieve that. Whether you have a small business or a big firm, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for both. It’s a space where you can let your customers know about your new products, update them about the events, make a strong brand identity and boost your reach.

A Facebook page will help your business create an identity- by not just offering the products, but by also sharing the different links, images to define the personality and character of your business.

Your Facebook page is the only way to create a strong brand identity in the market and show a human side which will appeal to all the customers. You can be funny, show love and do everything as a brand which you cannot do in the other platforms.

You can easily find the ads in the side columns or sometimes it also appears in your timeline. These ads are also known as MARKETPLACE ADS. They usually have a small headline with an attractive copy to grab the attention of the visitors. Once you click on the link, it will either open on a website or may be a mobile app depending on what the business wants you to do.

Nowadays, every business considers face book advertising in their marketing strategy as it helps them to reach a larger audience. Have a look at the different advertising features included in face book:-

Demographics where you can choose the age, location, education and other interests of your target audience.
Set the budget.
Ad testing, where you can test different ads with different demographics to know the performance of the ad set.
Running contests on Facebook, or any other kind of event promotions is another marketing tactic used by Facebook. This is mostly used to create brand awareness and increase the fan base.

While designing the contest for your audience, you should consider a theme where you will get the maximum response from your audience. This will help your brand reach new people within a short span of time. You can go for both ways i.e. organic and paid.


Using the “Facebook Promoted Posts” option, businesses can reach a specific number of users, which will eventually help in your reach. The only reason why more and more businesses are using this feature is because it maximizes your chances of being seen on the news feed of your target audience.  Not only your existing target audience, but it will also help you reach their friends/family. Isn’t that cool?

Hopefully, by using these four ways, you can choose the right Facebook strategy for your business. And possibly you must have got some new and fresh ideas to reach your target audience. The next task is to look for a reputed and established social media marketing agency in Goa that can help you boost your brand through Facebook.

Would you like to share the most successful strategy which has worked for you in Facebook? Feel free to submit form below.

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