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20 Creative Ways To Make Social Media Posts

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So far, we have discussed a million reasons to be in the limelight of social media. But, if you are struggling about what to post next, you have come to the right place. These 20 curated tips will help you get started.

Posting similar and monotonous content is the most definite way to lose viewership and loyal customer base. If you are staring at the screen wondering “is this content worth posting?” you might probably want to read through till the end of this post.

1. Post pictures from your workspace – Great way to introduce your workspace to potential employees, customers, fellow businessmen; even competitors. Post some behind-the-scenes pictures, videos with witty comments.

2. Welcome new partners or employees – People like to see who makes a business worthwhile. Also a great way for human connection.

3. Attention grabbing quotes– Who doesn’t like to be inspired. Motivational messages or even humorous digs are a great way to kick start everybody’s day!

4. Create a poll – This is the best way to interact with customers for both, negative and positive feedback. For instance, vote for best dish and worst dish.

5. Statistics and data – Sharing relevant industry statistics indicates you have done your homework!

6. Post a challenge – Remember the rave that the ice bucket challenge created?

7. Product tutorials – information or step-by-step instructions of how to make optimum use of the product, tips, etc. will be appreciated by your customers.

8. Feature” A day in the life of” – Every employee wants to know what his CEO’s day looks like. On the contrary the CEO might be interested to see a full-day run of one of his staff. This is a good story to sell and strikes that humble chord that we are all equal.

9. Giving back to the community – Share posts where you can introduce new ways of donating to the community, post the fundraiser campaigns and any aid you have done to the society. This will only motivate more and more people to add to the cause.

10. Promote your competitors – Helping other brands by promoting them may also help your marketing startegy to some extent, be it your competitor or any other business in the industry.

11. Awards and rewards – Giveaways and contests is an amazing way to engage audiences and people always love to win. Featuring posts that include awards like “employee of the month”, “best leader of the quarter” are both motivational and create healthy competition amongst employees.

12. Recycle old posts – Repost your older posts. Refresh viewers memories with #throwback. A walk down the memory lane.

13. Ask for input – Questions! People love to give opinions, encash them.

14. Bask in reflected glory – For instance, when some blogger posts a picture of your clothing, repost it on your Facebook, Instagram accounts and thank them for using your product.

15. Share company news – A latest merger, celebration, milestone, vertical, etc. Make sure to cover all infographics for the same.

16. Post videos on environmental help – Any initiative that donates to a global cause must be shared. A case study of how you are reducing landfill or waste recycling will cause ripple effect in the industry and inspire them to follow your steps.

17. Celebrate national holidays – When you see you inbox marked “Happy Diwali” or “Merry Christmas” from the company, it just goes to show the organisation does care.

18. Discuss Sports, Politics, World News in a NEUTRAL way – How about posting something in support of India for the cricket matches or celebrate a sportsperson’s inspiring journey or give condolences in lieu of natural catastrophe.

19. Create a daily, weekly or monthly series – Create a series that people will look forward to; something like “Math brainer for the week”, “employee of the week”, “yoga exercise for the week”, etc. May it be or not related to your line of work but audience is always eager to learn.

20. Tag influential accounts in your posts or photos – Co-hosting is co-marketing and it is always a win-win situation. Tagging big accounts is an effective way of getting noticed by others.

Agreed, the toughest part of running a social media campaign is to come up with new ideas. That’s why; these 20 smart ideas will help you keep your brand’s feed fresh.

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