Wednesday, 11 December 2019

10 Famous Brands’ Websites Powered By WordPress

WordPress, since its baby steps from 2003, has now become the most sought-after platform for when it comes to building or managing a site. A lot of people may not have necessarily worked with WordPress, but it’s definitely something everyone has popularly heard about. Firstly, WordPress is open-source software and secondly, it caters to all domains of enterprises, beginners to professionals. Whether users want to create a simple blogging site or a full-fledged or a comprehensive CMS for high volume websites, WordPress is ideal for all. Even some of the Fortune 500 organisations use it themselves and highly recommend it to budding start-ups and established companies.
Let’s first start off by listing some of the famous brands that use WordPress as their platform to success.

 1. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has their international site running on WordPress. They have chosen a slick and content-rich theme to highlight images and videos of cars. WordPress is E-commerce compatible and popular for creating many web pages.
 2. UPS
Can you name the world’s largest delivery service? The United Parcel Service delivers over 15 million packages every day to customers all around the world. UPS’s blog “Upside” is powered by WordPress for its VIP service that entails of security, cloud hosting, performance, and scalability.

3. Angry Birds

It’s a top-line game favored from kids to adults and it is only obvious that they would choose to run all their social promotions via WordPress.

 4. Walt Disney

Disney is a giant entertainment corporate entity owing massive chunks of land in the USA and Europe. And it should come as no surprise that they chose WordPress as their backbone for a strong online presence in the market. Their site is attractive and effortlessly easy in business operations.

 5. Justin Bieber

A lot of celebrities use WordPress to power their website and like Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, to name a few, Justin Bieber too has his content powered by WordPress. It’s great to set up static pages and then keep posting fresh content regularly. Even musicians and performers like Bieber are WordPressin’ on!

 6. Usain Bolt

Another famous personality, but from the sporting world and the fastest man alive on the planet, fondly uses WordPress to share all the latest scoops from the athletic world.

 7. Van Heusen

Van Heusen serves 55 territories worldwide and hosts hundreds of wide range products. Their website, powered by WordPress, has a beautiful line-up of products, showrooms and latest styles.

 8. Facebook Newsroom

It’s great to see and a world of inspiration for those intending to start with WordPress, that the world’s most popular social media networking site is powered by WordPress. The distinctive feature of this website is that it’s minimalistic yet has an engaging timeline that present’s the company’s history in the most brilliant way.

 9. Microsoft News Centre

This blog conveys all the latest news, announcements, advancements and everything that surrounds the field of technology and Microsoft. Microsoft’s implementation of CMS, using WordPress, has received an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 in April 2016.

 10. Sony Playstation

A leading powerhouse that manufactures electronics, is most popularly known for devices like the Playstation. However, Sony is also the owner of a major movie and music corporation. The Playstation blog runs to keep gaming fans informed of everything that the console includes. Sony Music Entertainment is also powered by WordPress and showcases the corporation’s news, facts and featured artists on a regular basis.
Now, why would you think these big brands chose WordPress over anything else? Because it is scalable, data friendly, easy to use, functional, responsive and a complete go-to tool for anything from small to large requirements. With WordPress being an open source platform, users are free to use it for anything without having to pay a license fee. WordPress definitely serves all the needs for online presence. Do you know any other WordPress powered websites that are worth the show-off?

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