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Your Web Hosting Provider is the Key to Your Website Success

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The first thing that often comes to mind when launching a website is registering a domain name, but is that enough? The reply is an obvious ‘NO’. While a domain name gives you an online identity, to get your website live on the internet, you need to host your website. Hosting is often the under-valued aspect of website building. But in reality, giving online visibility to your business via hosting can be the key factor to your website success.
There are multiple web hosting companies, providing servers to make your website accessible to viewers across the globe. Choosing the right host provider is instrumental to your website success. A good web host provides the relationship your business deserves.
Here are a few handy guidelines that will help you make the right pick from the wide pool of hosting providers:

# Uptime Speed:

‘Uptime speed’ is the amount of time your website remains online. Issues like weak servers and poor network connections often take your website offline. This can be highly detrimental to your business as even a few seconds of downtime deprives you of customer’s engagement. It may also result in a low ranking of your website on search engines. Considering all these factors it's very important to sign up with a reputed hosting company that ensures 99.9% uptime.

# Security Features:

Today the internet is rife with hackers and cybercrimes. If you want to launch your website, security features must be on your top priority. This becomes even more crucial where sensitive data are shared or online payments are made. Even though all the reputed hosting companies are aware of these issues and claim to offer a secure environment for your website, it is your responsibility to find out whether or not the host runs firewalls and malware detection on their servers. Look for a provider that offers SSL certificates and other precautionary tools to ensure all your data are secure and encrypted.
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# Upgrade Options:

Shared web hosting is perfect for the beginners, but with time as your business grows, call for diversification will be imminent. The need for multiple websites, newer domains, and sub domains will require greater bandwidth. Hence, to keep your growth seamless make sure your host provider offers flexible upgrade options and is soundly equipped with the domain management tools. At IFK you get a wide range of hosting options like Shared Server, Virtual Private Server (VPS), dedicated server and collocation hosting solutions. This is a crucial aspect for any business that wants to grow and establish strong market hold.

# Customer Service:

Imagine your website going offline due to a technical error and your host company fails to offer the desired support for resolving the issue. This can be a tricky situation and if not handled promptly could result in irreparable damage to your business. Hence, it’s essential to team up with a reputed host that provides responsive and reliable customer service support. While no host can guarantee 100% error-free services, an established firm will definitely help you fix issues as and when they arise thus, facilitating a smoother and better-performing website.
IKF ranks as one of the top web hosting companies offering services of hosting experts who have the knack of understanding the customer's requirements. A trusted name in web hosting in Pune, our services have turned out to be highly lucrative for enumerable companies. Team up with us to take your business to the heights you always dreamed off!

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