Saturday, 23 November 2019

Write More And Get Rid Of The Mind Block

Blogging has become a popular trend and it is not going out of style anytime soon. So how does one keep those ideas coming in? How does one get new topics in this digital world where everyone is writing about something and tons of audience reading about it? There are times when you seem to be stuck and cannot think of a topic to blog on. There are days when you just can’t get over the mind block and can’t blog or write on anything. I tend to write 14- 16 blogs and articles in a week. Well, people might think I am crazy. But, no. I enjoy writing and what better way when you are getting paid for it?
A few things that have helped me and have always kept me going. A few steps you can follow and never be exhausted of topics that you write about are as follows.
  • Don’t fight with yourself for writing. Write every day and do not trick yourself into thinking you are exhausted
  • Know the constructive time hour. There is a certain time of the day when you can write more and give more ideas. Make a note in your head and notice when is it, morning, evenings or late at night. Understand yourself and schedule the writing as per that.
  • The blog you write doesn’t always have to be at it’s very best. Tell your audience a story in your own words and make sure you can explain what you want to say in the right manner. Putting the idea is more important than the language you are explaining it in. This will help you remove the barrier from your head and let you write more in peace.
  • Keep a diary handy to jot down topics wherever you are. my friend once asked me how I write so much in a week and that’s how this topic came up. So always keep a list and you can revise it later.
  • Keep a planner for yourself so you never miss a deadline. There are various sites online which will give a planner template.
Simply follow these 5 tips and see the difference in the productivity. Don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself a leverage to write. This will help you churn out better content and give better results online.

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