Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Will Digital Marketing Takeover the Traditional Marketing?

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Digital marketing is cost effective when considered against the traditional avenues which consume a huge budget with uncertain returns. Online marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing. For example, Google+ is a free online listing that can be just as effective as a Yellow Pages ad.
When you have an ad in the newspaper, it can be challenging to see if the ad is performing well and ultimately whether it is impacting your business. Digital marketing allows various factors to be tracked including traffic growth, leads, and conversions, which tells you in a much shorter period if it is positively impacting your business.
Digital marketing allows you to target not only the geographic locations but also the demographics you want to reach. Organic traffic is the traffic that comes to your site as a result of unpaid search. Organic search marketing has many benefits that allows users to find your website based on specific keywords, such as your specialty and procedures that you offer. This allows you to achieve a long-term return on your investment.
The use of social media platforms is the one of the most involved activities of any Internet user. Google+, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms are some of the fastest-growing sites today. Communicating via social media in today’s world is a necessity for your practice. Many times when people read the newspaper or a magazine, they tend to just scan over the advertisements but they are not engaged. The ads are just there and not prompting them to take action. Online marketing allows them do so right away. A call to action is a great way to offer patients your services and bring them to your practice.
Traditional marketing angles usually lack the flexibility to include product information. Digital strategies incorporate the option of placing product information which facilitates comparison. When compared to traditional marketing strategies which impose on a potential client, digital marketing avenues capture the attention and they therefore influence conversion at a higher rate.
The digital marketing platforms offer a higher Return On Investment compared to traditional pathways. Traditional marketing strategies cannot be blended with other advertising strategies but digital marketing avenues have the flexibility to be blended with other campaigns. Digital content is easily shared compared to the traditional material like newspapers and flyers which makes digital marketing shareable.

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