Thursday, 7 November 2019


The thumping verdict is out – social media has clearly marked its stamp of authority in digital marketing and no business can afford to lose this chance. With consumers using the online route for purchases, the interaction with the supplier is also on definite rise. To ascertain the importance of social media marketing, let us put forth this convincing fact – more than three fourths of business houses have exclusive teams catering to the social media marketing. Well, having emphasized the need for social media presence, we as a leading social media marketing company in Pune, would like to elaborate the necessity to devise social media strategies to deliver business growth.
Effective conversions: What can be a powerful technique to do better business? Perhaps for large business houses it can be huge marketing or the brand value. But what about others? The only way out is to blend business with personal touches and achieve excellent conversion of leads. In today’s business world, it is only the social media that can extend its hand to infuse the personal touch. Consumers love to do business with a firm if their product has been reviewed by their peers or friends. And precisely that is what social media marketing offers. Reviews, likes and shares of links in social media can do wonders more than that of numerous billboards or for that matter any other conventional mode of marketing. Shares and likes are powerful!
Engaging the consumer:  It is a known fact that majority of the users struggle to remember multiple logins and passwords. Having said that, it should be borne in the mind that the prospect of completing the business transaction is more once the ‘signing in’ phenomenon is passed through. But the good news is that social media logins comes as a boon. As most of smart business houses permit social logins, half of the job to engage users gets successfully accomplished. Simple but very effective!
Interlinking contents: Having rendered fruitful content marketing services in Pune, we can confidently say that social media presents an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of the contents. For instance, to popularize a new launch of product it can be publicized through
  • A blog in your website
  • A teaser video in you tube
  • Update the status through a social media page
  • Conduct an online competition among the users and followers
All the above channels of advertising can be brilliantly interlinked to grab the attention of users and spread the word. The added advantage is more interesting – the interlinked contents may increase the search engine rankings and this is definitely good for the business growth. Cross links are not traps!
Better consumer relation: As the interaction and communication between the users and the business firms are direct, it provides an excellent opportunity to instantaneously know the users’ likes and dislikes and finetune the product for its better sales.
Hence it is possible to have a cost effective and successful story of social media marketing through brilliant strategies, effective implementation and thorough follow-ups and finetunes.

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