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Social media actually refers to platforms that are presently being used to communicate and share thoughts and views among individuals or groups. This ability of sharing is utilized by Social Media Optimization (SMO), a digital marketing tool to create awareness and produce publicity for a product or a company or a service. Before we touch upon the reasons for the need of SMO for your business, Technooyster Media Solution, one of the best social media agency in Pune, would like to present few concepts straight and clear.
Why social media?
Instant, easy and boundary less communication is the biggest asset of social media. More than billion people use social media to communicate with each other. Communication is done through forums, news, blogs, messages, videos, images, using platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, and many others. These are constantly being accessed by people round the clock throughout the world. When these medium of communication is optimally utilized by business communities, the development of their business in manifold.
How it is done?
  • Online presence of the website is created by inserting social media features in the content.
  • A dedicated page for your company is created and subsequently maintained by posting contents related with your business.
  • By joining suitable groups where all your products, services or works can be exhibited.
  • Posting videos and images that give importance to your brand, product, or service.
  • Incorporation of a blog in your website, that provides knowledge to customers related to theproducts or services and also helps to promote your business.
  • It makes use of the promotional activities in the social medial sites and attracts traffic from various quarters.
  • SMO actually attracts and creates the inbound links that are required to spread the popularity of the website and thereby increase the online presence.
SEO and SMO – Friends or Foes
When we hear the term ‘SMO’, immediately we are reminded of another term ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimization). Though both are used to garner public attention, SMO is for humans while SEO targets search engines. But an important point to be noted is one of the factors of search engine rankings are linked with social media participation of a company. How? Apart from number of visits and quality of the content of the website, the visitor’s participation in the site by commenting, sharing, and liking the websites is also taken into consideration for ranking a site. The main aim of both the tools is to reach the end users by completely using modern technologies. So SEO and SMO, with hands together, makes the online content reach both target and potential clients.
Building customer base
Creation of social media presence of the business with complete profile attracts the attention of customers. A well written web content explaining everything about the organization automatically increases the visibility. When appropriate groups are targeted, the digital marketing techniques employed along with immaculate planning are bound to increase the customer base. Some of the digital marketing techniques usually employed are:
  • It is just not sufficient to have company’s name and the list of product / services offered in the web content and expect an overnight fortune change. The key is to initiate interactive communication and dialogues with in the group and immediately address all the feedbacks.
  • Presenting few interesting facts and tips about the brand and product to instigate interest.
  • By effective campaigning and posting attractive images on the social media pages, visitor counts can be increased.
  • It can also be increased by conducting online competitions or quizzes in social media.
The basic objective of all these measures is to build customer base and spread awareness about the brand.
Traffic generation
Seamless interaction between the customer and company always helps to increase customer loyalty. With online sharing of these interactions across several communities and groups give additional publicity and becomes the driving force for traffic in the company website or a brick and mortar store
Increase in sales
An effective content along with interesting videos or attractive images of the product is more likely to be shared or re-tweeted and ought to increase the sales. When a particular product is liked by a customer and if he shares it in facebook, the traditional marketing method is instantaneously replaced by social media marketing method. This can possibly be achieved only with quality content in the social media page.
Community building
As online social media groups are formed with people having common interests or ideas, SMO creates opportunities to have communities having core idea groups to come together and share their expertise. This is a win-win situation both for the manufacturers and the customers.
Having seen the need to have a SMO for your business, it is time to execute it. Implementing the SMO services through experts makes sense as they are well versed with various strategies and have necessary systems to track the campaign. Availing the SMO services of Technooyster Media Solutions, a social media marketing company in Pune is a smart move as their dedicated efforts continuously strive to create a mark of your product among the social media participants.

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