Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Why Should You Tell Stories to Build a Successful Brand?

Once upon a time…

The vision in your mind has already started, right? You are all set to imagine my next line, isn’t it?

Yes, you are!

That is the nature of human beings, From Humpty Dumpty to Newton's apple, we remember everything.


Because we know the story behind them.

4X  consumers would prefer to watch a video than to read about the product.”

Do you know the reason behind this?

It’s so simple anything we see, hits our brain more effectively and easily and that is what we do when we hear any story. We start picturizing the whole story and make a virtual video inside our mind.

Have you ever tried of finding out that why some brands are so extravagant and trendsetter? Obviously, you must have done. After all, you’re an entrepreneur and scuffing yourself day and night to stand out.

Till now you must have found that offerings won’t be enough to give you what you’re working for. You definitely need something else. And that something is nothing else than a story. A story of yours which will define you and nobody else.

Brands like Google and Coca-cola are now market icons because of their stories and the way they touch the heart of their customers with their narration. Always keep in your mind, if you need to stand out you have to make your own story because that is what people are going to remember about you before anything.

What is “Brand storytelling”?

Brand storytelling is no new concept and getting used by successful brands from a long back, but with the huge growth of social media and content marketing now it has become a marketing strategy priority.
evolution of brand stories

Storytelling is the best way to blow life into your business. By sharing the stories of your products and services you can give an experience to your customers which they yearn to get. There are several key components to brand storytelling:

  • The existence of your company.
  • The motivation behind the reason of your working.
  • What is your company from inside view?
  • What do you want to actually deliver?

Anything you want to speak out - one story and that’s it, you’re all done.

Why Brand Storytelling?

I can give you a number of reasons that why you should start including storytelling for your brand, but combining all the reasons, I have two big reasons that will be more than enough for you to understand the magical power of a story and it's good narration.
psychology of storytelling

1. Your stories need to be told

Your story is your identity and hence it is necessary for your customers to know about them upon whom they are relying. Again, your story is something that will define you and that is how it should be explaining you truthfully and deliberately.

It should not look like you’re doing sales in your stories. It should be heart touching enough so that people will remember you because of your story. Creating a sales pitch in your stories will only irritate your customers and nothing else. Building story doesn’t mean that you are blabbering something. Being a marketer, you should always keep in your mind that

“Speaking for the sake of just speaking is nothing more than making noise.”

Do you want to hear a noise?

No! Nobody wants that.

So, while letting your customers know about what, why and how you are, keep in your mind that you have to say something that your target customers can resonate themselves by you.

If you’re an entrepreneur then you must be having a story behind you and your products that your customers need to know so that they can relate themselves to your story and can rely on your brand.

All you have to do is, to tell the truth, and turn it into a marketing strategy.

2. To stand out of the crowd

If you’re working damn hard for your company to make it as a brand, then, til you must have discovered that you can’t simply let your competitors go on. Their each and every move is as important for you and your company as it is for them.

Good offering, quality product, satisfying services all are necessary, but less than what your competitors are doing. One unique move by them and you’re gone. So, storytelling for your brand will not only help you in standing out of the crowd, but will give your brand an image among your customers.
brand storytelling

A good story makes you feel emotional as they allow you to relate yourself with the story and gradually you’ll start feeling that, Oh my goodness! That is what I need from starting. This feeling, this attachment will help you in becoming a reason for why you and no one else.

Your stories can tap into the emotions of your customers. Your customers will start relating their need with your stories. If you can prove yourself in painting and portraying yourself in the mind of people, then nobody can snatch a long-term brand loyalty from your brand.

Checklist for Storytelling

Till now you must have got your reason for why you should opt for this emotional and touching strategy in your marketing.

But, there are some things that you should never forget because when we think of making a profit from something we start sounding in the sales pitch and that pitch can completely spin out strategy and rather than getting attached to people you can start sounding irritating to them.

So, if you’ve decided to go for it never forget these points:

1. Be truthful

Always be truthful. Don’t go so far from your brand promises in being too creative. Transparency will give a long-term brand loyalty and not lies.

2. Be a Mirror for people

Create something in which your customers would be able to see themselves and will feel it's their story.

3. Include Personalities

Nobody wants to listen to a boring story that is related to your products. So, try to sound interesting by including interesting and real personalities into it.

4. Give rise to a thirst

Never satisfy people with your stories, if you’re going to do that then they’ll stop expecting more. So, create a thirst among them so that they’ll come again and again to you.

5. Give it a perfect body

Stories without good narration are just a set of words. Understand the importance of a boosting start a good end and an informative body.


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