Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Why Email is as Beautiful as Jennifer Lawrence

No doubt that everybody is mesmerized by the beauty of one of my favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence. She is beautiful, attractive and was present in the 100 most influential people in the world. Overall you can consider her as a full package of creativity and talent.

But what makes a person a complete package…  

It’s their decision. One decision can change everything, whether it’s a person or a business. You must be thinking what I am trying to say you out. Believe me and read the complete article and you decide what am I making any sense or not.

Email Marketing, a technique, a strategy, a package for everyone who is in this growing business world. It doesn’t matter that whether you’re just a startup or a well growing or an already established company.

Emails are something that can attract your customers, can help you in maintaining a strong thread between you and people and can maintain your brand image in front of your audience. So, you can assume it as a full package for your company just like our own Miss Lawrence.

Here are 4 basic yet amazing reasons that will make you think that how email can make your marketing pillars as beautiful as Jennifer Lawrence.

1. Real-Time approach to your customers

52% of mobile phone owners check their emails on their phones. The world is running on mobile now. Yes! This is a matter of concern when we are talking about marketing strategies. We should be aware of where the audience is, and where they can be and both the places in today’s era is Mobile.

42% of emails were opened by consumers on their cellphones and 17%were opened on tablets. So, most of the people got the habit of checking emails on the phone and why not? One click and you can see who is trying to reach you.

It’s not only about comfortability but if your email is convincing enough and a well-designed attractive piece then you've got a higher probability of increasing conversion rates. But you must be thinking that if it’s all about mobile devices, then why email and why not SMS.

Wait! I got three punching reasons for you for this query of yours.

Increasing response rates: It’s all free! Yes! Email is free. So for your customers who want to reach you for some query or problem, if they‘ll go for SMS it may charge them money but in an email, it’s all free.

High compatibility level: SMS, this service can be used only on your phone, but email is something which can be used with any mobile device.

No Barrier for words: Your customers can express themselves heart out which will help in your growth. While in SMS you get word limits.

2. Gives a personal touch

Talking about personalization how can we forget email. Personalised yet professional- that’s what emails are. Email Marketing is all about:

  • Segmenting your customers.
  • Tailoring the email.
  • Provide some value.

All the three features are more than enough to attract your customers towards you. This email which I got from Jeff Goins is the great example of personalization:

Let’s talk about your social media campaign. You think that you’re doing so well with your social media marketing and hence a lot of customers are getting covered by you.

No doubt they are! But, is covering your customers really enough for your business?

When you share a post on social media you address your whole audience (“We would like to say to all our followers..”).

But, if you’re operating your email marketing software little correctly, then it won’t be a big deal for you to pay attention to each and every individual. Your email has 22.2% chance of getting open if you have used the name of the recipient in the subject line.

Email is not for spamming. You can easily build loyalty, trust, the attraction of your customers and can even get connected to your old clients very easily and personally. All you have to do is to choose your message and recipient easily.

Make some value and don’t invade the personal space if you want to grow more with the help of email marketing.

3. It’s Affordable

We know that your sight was very keenly searching for something like this word-”cost-effective”.

Yes! It is, email costs very less yet 85% of retailers have accepted that email marketing is one of the most effective customer acquisition technique.

It may be old, but you can’t avoid its benefits. For small businessmen, nothing can be the more cost-effective technique with this much ROI. It has seriously left no reason for business owners not to go for this tactic.

Emails are the platform which can turn your small business into a brand. Companies invest millions just to maintain their brand reputation, but email marketing is a technique that will help your company in getting a brand recognition in just a few pennies.

4. It’s a friendly technique

At last, we would like you to know one fact about email marketing is it is so damn easy that any person can handle it, use it and can benefit from it after all email marketing is not just getting connected to your customers and providing information.

Your email is your brand recognition. Thanks to those kind email providers who will help you from creating an email to personalizing your content.

Any technique that you’re using for your marketing should be well known and friendly to your professionals. So that they can use proper use of your marketing pinch and give you a higher return.

Any marketing step to be taken should be easily manageable by your executives. After all, if they can manage then you can earn a profit. Trust my email marketing is brain dead easy and can be accessed by anyone. Not only for retailers, but for customers too it is very friendly and something on which everybody is up to.


Nobody can avoid the beauty of Jennifer Lawrence and the same goes with email. Email will make your marketing strategy more beautiful, colorful and full of life.

As I have already mentioned earlier that there are a lot of reasons that will compel you to opt for email marketing and these are the evergreen 4 reasons that you can consider irrespective of the size of the company you’re running.

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