Friday, 22 November 2019


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Now with so much buzz going on around Digital Marketing, so we all by more or less now understand what is Digital Marketing is all about. So question come in mind, is this something very new and if not then why is it so much catching up now a days?. DIGITAL MARKETING EXISTENCE Digital Marketing as a technology field and service exist from one decade and people around the world are using it to market their business, product or services across the regions. IS IT RELATIVELY NEW IN INDIA In India also it started few years before, but was leveraged by very big organizations only, who has consumers across metro’s or was majorly used in B to B (Business to Business) market segment only.. SO WHY DIGITAL MARKETING IS IN SO MUCH FOCUS NOW The main problem in the past was of not having a supporting and handy internet infrastructure in the country. If you remember, two years before buying a net pack of 1 GB for a month was costing around 499. With the Digital revolution that has happen with Jio came in picture is immense and made internet availability very handy, effective, efficient and most importantly cheaper. Digital Marketing Services This has changed the whole paradigm and resulted into a very favorable Eco System around internet driven digital presence. This has speed up importance of Digital Marketing in India, which was there around the world anyway! .

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