Saturday, 23 November 2019

When To Say No To A Digital Marketing Agency?

When To Say No To A Digital Marketing Agency

Your company be it small or large scale, MNC or local, you need a digital marketing agency. But before choosing, you should do some homework so that you get best of both worlds. Every agency will try their best to pitch you, they want to bite more than they can chew, but you need to smart enough to see the other side of the story. You need someone who understands the personality of your brand, matches with it and thinks in the way you do. At the same time affordable! Here are few tips on the basis of which you can deny a digital marketing agency.
  1. Say NO, if their own social media & SEO aren’t that great.
Claiming themselves as a digital marketing agency, they should be the best. How their website is, their SEO rankings, their social media profiles, their creativity, their campaigns, go down to their history and check how well they do. If they stand different and better than others, just go for them or else say NO
  1. Say NO, if they say they can do everything.
If there is a small agency promising to do everything from SEO to video making to Facebook ads, it’s a risk! How much can a single employee do? Tough right? Go through their LinkedIn and check how much expertise they are. If it’s very vague say NO.
  1. Say NO, if they Lack Social Media Strategies.
Makes no sense if an agency promises to be on all the platforms with inadequate strategies. The ROI can be great if focused on one platform with the right and enough strategies. If they don’t seem smart, say NO.
  1. Say NO, if they lack transparency.
Make sure they share all the analysis, reports, budget reports, monthly reports, without filtering it. You can get direct reports from Google Adwords and analytics. Your agency shouldn’t have always great news, if they always show positive results, say NO. Things may stumble and that’s okay with transparency and trust.
  1. Say NO, if they don’t keep a check on your competitors.
Use various tools to see how your website is doing against your competitors. If they’re doing something right, then find a way to emulate it. If they’re doing something wrong, work hard to not make the same mistakes while capitalizing on the opportunity to do a better job.
So, save the link in case you decide to hire any Digital Marketing Agency.

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