Tuesday, 5 November 2019

What's the Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Social media forms one of the most powerful platforms for marketing in today’s times.  It is also one of the most versatile tools that can be used by businesses to create a brand in the market as well as to execute their digital marketing strategies.
Though social media comprises of a very broad variety of media, it can be used depending upon the requirements and respective needs of your business. There are many things that businesses need to keep in mind when deciding on the type of social media to be used in their business.
For example, it is best advised to choose that type of social media on which the target audience of your business hangs out the most, rather than selecting any one based on the popularity.
Another key factor that must be considered before choosing the right social media channel is considering the right platform to tell your business story.
For example, if your business involves a lot of pictures or imagery, Instagram could be a great option to tell your company or product’s creative story.
Social media marketing has gained pace with each passing day because the world is digitizing even more rapidly than we are realizing this fact. It has become prominent and a tool that is a key essential in surviving the fast paced and cut throat market competition.
Also, social media marketing adds to your other marketing campaigns such as email marketing campaign. Suppose you send an email to your potential customer about your latest product. Any interested person would do a background check of your brand before initiating a business deal with you.
This is where social media can help you achieve an extra edge in business by familiarizing your brand in the market and reaching intensively to the potential customer.
Different businesses have different answers when asked about their best social media marketing strategy. But all of them have one thing in common. They start with one and explore their options to come up with the best choice suiting the needs of their business and product marketing strategies.
According to Zach Johnson who is an affiliate entrepreneur, “My most powerful social media marketing strategy is the creation of my podcast”. He believes that as a social media play it works in a few different ways.
So, social media becomes a powerful tool for businesses to advertise their products and more than that they are able to reach out to a large number of potential customers with much ease than ever before.
The customers have also benefitted from social media marketing of businesses since they are able to get in touch with their brands easily or ask specific questions of their interest. It is not only increasing transparency in the business but also helping businesses achieve great success.
You can use social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc to come across the best suited and come across the most powerful social media marketing strategy for your business.
Consider for example the Donut metaphor for understanding the game play of social media channels. Let’s assume that you are selling donuts in the market. If your business needs to focus on the picture of your donut, use can turn Instagram as the most powerful social media marketing tool for your business.
If you want to target the people who love eating donuts, you can use Facebook. Though, for a long time, Facebook was considered as the best social media channel. This changed in early 2016 because Pinterest that is the best social media traffic source generated over 84,000 monthly visitors which is basically free traffic.
If you want to advertise or market your donut eating skills saying that your brand can eat donuts the best, which is basically emphasizing your product or business skills, you can use LinkedIn for the best purpose.
Similarly, Twitter is yet another great marketing channel where you can market in an effective and powerful way by updating your current product or business status. In this case, saying that you are simply eating your donut.
However, if you are still having trouble in figuring out the Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business, you can consider the tips mentioned below for your rescue

1. Take account of quality before quantity

Choose a social media platform where the customers interact with you the most. Remember that a thousand followers who interact with you or take interest in your posts are much better than 10,000 followers who just follow you with no response from their sides.

2. Look for a suitable network

You might not be the only one selling donuts in the market. Take account of this fact and find others like you in the market. You might use Twitter search to find those people or businesses who are competing with your business.
And then you can study why they are using a particular social media channel and how is the customer base responding to them. Now, you can use it to conceptualize your own best social media marketing platform.

3. Build a great email list

Adam Connell, who is the founder of Blogging Wizard, and a Firefly and Chinese takeaways fan believes that businesses should focus on building an email list first and then using this email list to build the rest on your priority social networks.
You can use emails to make your social media profiles available to your audience and monitor the response that you are getting. This way you can come to know about the social media platform through which the customers are connecting with your brand, the most.
He further adds that you can draft a strong email and compels people to sign up to your list, And then you can encourage subscribers to connect with you on social networks from your confirmation page. 
Social media can build your brand and establish your reputation easily in the market. All you need to do is analyze the best social media platform that suits your business requirements and then come up with a strategy to rule it.
The key is to post great and authentic content and use visual attractions such as images, GIFs, videos, graphs etc that catch the attention of your customers within seconds and keep them engaged.


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