Saturday, 23 November 2019

What Kind of Writing Mistakes Bloggers Make

When there is a question about writing a blog, there are many people who will agree and even end up writing. But they don’t really understand the mistake they made. These mistakes you need to realise because if not, it will not make you look like a pro. Understand that blogs are not like college essays, they are not breaking news or hoardings or user manuals. Unlike all this, blogs are entertaining. Well, just to describe in a different way, not really entertainment, it will not sing for you!
Some bloggers disagree. Some bloggers write in formal style, adhering to the rules of grammar and spelling. But readers are busy. And some rules make writing drag. They make it awkward or boring. Readers have to chew on the prose too long. Blogs that are juicy and tasty and easy to chew. Meaning the more they are interesting and written in a way you communicate with a friend will make a difference.
Because why should readers have to read a sentence three times just to catch the meaning? Especially when plenty of bloggers out there won’t waste their time.
Rules like these kill that easy style:
  • “Sentences must be complete with subject-verb agreement.”
  • “Never start a sentence with ‘and.’”
  • “Don’t split infinitives.”
Ignore them.
Drop the idea of just telling people about something. Rather than you should explain the readers in a way you are communicating with them in a friendly way. Remember, it’s not an SEO article you are writing, right? Hence it is advised to use different styles so that your content is neither boring nor low in generating more interest. Style is important. Because you’ve got to know who you’re writing for if you want to reach them. And most online readers aren’t academics. Good thing there’s more than one style. Good thing most of them aren’t formal.
Always have someone around or connect with someone who is a pro in this and send them your blogs to get reviewed. If there are two to three people, then great! You need to write in a way that sends out a very convincing message.
So if these points nod your head in any way, try it out for once and see if it really makes a difference!
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