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What is Post-Sales Strategy & How to Enhance Returning Customer via Marketing?

Spend a lot of time talking to customers face to face. You’d be amazed how many companies don’t listen to their customers. ~Ross Perot
Returning customers are the windfall for business. Pre-sales activity makes sure the product is sold at all possible terms, of course with ethics, and post-sales make sure the customer continue to use the product for as long as possible.

SMEs espacially big enterprises as well can introduce after sales service to reduces the customer dissatisfaction after the product purchase.

Application of after sales approach in a company expresses their commitment towards all their customers. Mostly money takes the top priority while deciding the importance of cusotmers. One who pays more is more important.

This is a short-sighted approach and can be lethal. Many enterprises which are known brands too start with a lower package. This is important for them to know the vendor in pre-sales and post-sales scenario. If you pass you grab good order.

customer will return or continue only if he gets better services, quality & features, quick solutions and engagements with supportive teams.

What is Post-Sale Strategy

Basically any post-sales strategy is to understand each and every customer properly. We can say that this is one process which can bind your customer to you for a long time. But if practiced unprofessionally, you will loose your customer permanently.

This can be defined as the practice which comes into effect once the product is sold. Customer always seeks assistance to get the best out results out of product he invested it. For this they will need to reach a post-sales team who will then associate, help and retain these customers for repeated sales.

Apart from solving the existing problem, this practice helps notice the future requirements and updations requird in the product. This way product can be improved further and a new product can be build to match the customers requirement. "Why will will seek other vendor if he gets the best solutions from your organization (exception excluded)."  

Instead of focusing on managing the customers, it mainly focuses on improving the customer experience via engagement.

What is Customer's Perspective in Post-Sales Service?

1. Notice the customer behaviour

First impression is the last impression. This saying is valid from customer's point of view as well as from vendor's point of view. When a conversation is started, customer observes you always, but a vendor do not always do the same. It is very important to notice the customer you are in conversation with. This will help you decide the importance and worth of customer in future. Like this a filter is applied within your customer list. You know where to focus and how much.

This filter will again help the teams to assist post-sales. Post-sales team need to know the value of each customer they are coordinating. If they have proper data then customer management will becoming easy and beneficial for the organization as a whole.

2. Customers want personalization

Understand the basic differnce between both these greetings. You will know which one is better and more engaging.

When we greet the person with name, attachment is generated which helps in a calm communication from both sides. Time is also saved of customer and support person because you have the basic details and there is no need to start from start. Instead both sides can focus only on the issue and its quick solution.

3. Wonderful customer experience

Once customer is happy with your interaction and quick problem solving he/she will remember you and would recommend and rate your service positively. Pre-sales team is always trained to communicate with a honey tounge, so a good sales person will always be warm to its customers.

But post-sales, this practice is not so common. Many organizations do not even maintain a post-sales department which is a negative aspect.

Make sure your post-sales team is given regular sessions on interactive communications. They have technical knowledge but they should remember that customer is mostly a layman and he can understand common language, not technical one.

The brief-report on each customer behaviour can help the post-sales team to know their target and communicate accordingly.

4. Poor Experience may Cost you Money Loss

The image below will provide you a brief idea on how can your business fail if you lack a proper skilled post-sales team. Customer service is the very important part in customer's complete life-cycle.

Addons to Assure Returning Customers

Returning consumers are basic and must be foundation for every successful business. It helps to maintain recurring income type that can keep company financially stable in every coming month. To maintain the returning customers you need to serve them best products and services with assured support whenever required.

The second important factor is addons which you can use to lure the customers towards next and continued purchases. Let's find out what these addons are:

1. Special offers on 1st Purchase and Discounts on Future Purchase

Offers and discounts always trigger attraction. At least once a visitor will surf to take a look on the available packages. Online shopping portal is associated with each and every website wherein visitors check the packages and choose the best one. Competition is very tough these days, so we have to add some magnetic offers with our products.

Special offer on 1st Signup, 1st Purchase etc. are some exmples which can be implemented. This will gain you website traffic, references and even buyers.

Check out with your marketing team if it is feasible to keep certain discount offers for 2nd purchase as well. This way we can attarct the customers of our competitors. Many times price is a big concern and even a discount of 5% will initiate the customers to buy again.

Timing is also important when you introduce discounts and offers. Basically festivals are best time to share the offers, but you may also choose your foundation day, 10 years completion etc. type of occassions etc.

2. Connecting emails     

Make sure your customer do not foget you. Keep sending reminder mails time and again but make sure to keep frequency in check. Sending too many mails may be lethal as customer will be annoyed.

It's good to choose the occasion like birthday wishes, festival wishes, special offer only for you, review mails, new product launches, updated which you were waiting for etc.

There can be many such instances, by which you can win the customers. This is a team work, so better emply a creative team for this particular task.

3. Monitor customer reviews online and offline to measure the updates & improvements

Conduct surveys time and again. Note their responses on phone or online. Listen to them carefully in each of their call, find out what they are looking for, where they need improvements or changes, what are their future expectation.

Customers are honest when they review vendors. Notice the common points which require improvements. Also, notice the updation customers suggest in the product or service. Ask them about their future perspective and how you can update your product to match their targets. 

4. A very good Customer Service

Quick Problem Solving: Always maintain a TAT (Turn Around Time) to complete the specific issues. Make sure there is a escalation matrix ready which customers can refer to.

For example, issue 1 category will take maximum 3 hours for solution and minimum 10 minutes for solution. This time slab will add comfort and stability both ways; in customers and within team handling customers. 

Try to connect 1 customer with a single support person till the issue is solved. It's difficult and annoying for a customer to keep hopping and explain issue everytime to every person who connects.

5. Well-trained sales team who understand the value of returning customers

Sessions and regular seminars can help prepare a effective team who understand the value of a customer. Motivate the team to work for the growth of company/organization work in the interest of company. Assure them that their growth will depend on company growth so that their focus is settled on future aspects.

Share full details of each customer with the team and teach them to use the data to create a good communication every time. They should be able to leave a long-lasting impact on customer.

Always be a good listener, let your customer acknowledge the full issue and then reply. Never intrude in between becuase by intrusion you first, annoy the customer, second, you cannot understand the issue to provide better solution. 
You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. Learn how to enjoy your work. ~ Laurie McIntosh

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