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What is 1 Best Way to Build a Quality Email List?

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective and best ways of marketing in today’s times. Apart from being cheap and having a much wider reach to the audience, email marketing is becoming one of the basic necessities of very marketer.
Market research also suggests that email marketing has the highest number of return on investments. Every entrepreneur tries to build a quality campaign and in the process of doing so they apply a lot of strategies, test them and re modify them before they finally send out to their invaluable customers.
But there is no point of all the effort if your emails fail to reach out to the right customers, you targeted in the first place. It can be any entrepreneur’s nightmare to come across such a situation where they are not getting the deserved responses just because of this one silly reason of a bad email list.
An email list is a list of all the customers whom you want to send your marketing campaigns to. These can be your regular customers who are already subscribed to your website or channel or your potential customers who find your content relevant to their fields. Collectively, they form your quality email list.
But how do you know that you have a quality email list?
There are many factors by which you can decide if you have a quality email list or not. Some of these are getting response or conversions from the list members, not being reported as spam sender, not facing too many unsubscriptions or not receiving an email delivery failure report.
All these factors help you with a broad picture of the quality of your email list as they determine the success or failure of your campaign.
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But many businesses fail to come up with a quality email list, and often ask, “How do I build up an email list that possesses quality and is relevant to my business?”
Let me tell you this, if food is considered to be the quickest way to a man’s heart then communication is considered the best way to a customer’s heart and email is one best way to keep the customer educated and informed about something that they want to read or is relevant to them.
A quality email list is thus considered much like the marketer’s Holy Grail and all the life savings or assets of his hard worked efforts.
Hence, if you are all set up to build a quality email list, keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. Many people, who feel like being in a hurry to rush their campaigns into the inboxes of customers and getting more number of subscribers to boast on, end up purchasing email lists.
Not much to the surprise, they regret it too soon. You might feel that buying an email list is just like getting a donut at home, but the results are contrary and much to the disappointment of the person purchasing the list and the business.
People on such lists might have a working and functional email id, but trust me they don’t care what they have to say.
So even though your emails are being delivered to valid email Ids, there are quite a few chances, close to none that you will get a response or desired conversion rate from them. This ultimately wastes all the efforts you put in to build a marketing campaign.
But then the question comes, what is the best way to build a quality email list?
Though, there are many solutions that you will come across through the medium of different channels that will take some time to come into effect and finally boost your email metrics such as conversion rates, click through rates etc.
So in order to maintain a clean list and a reputable sender reputation, here is one best way that will help you build a quality email list for your business.

Offer Something That is of Value to The Customer

Think about it. Won’t you subscribe to a website if they are giving away a free coupon that you can use for a purchase on their website, in return for their subscription?
I am sure most of the customers would! Moreover, statistics suggest that every four out of the five customers are ready to subscribe to a website or a brand if they are getting a valuable incentive in return.
Adding even more, a majority of the customers choose a particular brand to do business with, just because they are offering a coupon or some enticing incentive.
Doesn’t it sound exciting?
Think about the benefits that you will be getting by practicing this one method. The customers who are already subscribed to your business will get added benefits and have a positive feedback for your business.
Not only will this work effectively but also lay the foundation for a lasting relationship with your customer.
On the other hand, potential customers will provide you their email ids by signing up on your website, in return for the valuable incentive. This way you are getting their permission for their email id and also catching their interest.
Using this method, you will not only be emailing to more people but also possess a high quality list because these customers will convert or purchase something from you at some point.
If you are wondering where to get started with offering something to the customer, here are a few things to consider:
  • Offer them free educational content about something that is really valuable and not available so easily. For example, you can create an article, 101 actionable email marketing tips and offer a Free ebook and send it to them in return for their email Ids.
    Content upgrade
  • Another great way is to offer a series of videos or tutorials for those who subscribe to your website or channel. This way you are providing them an exclusive content that no one would want to miss out.
  • Hold a competition in return for a prize. Also be cautious with what you offer as a prize since many people might just enter to win that prize.
  • One of the most popular ways is to offer a coupon of discount for an online purchase.
Customers love something that is offered to them for free. Of course they only need to provide you with their email ids and have nothing to pay.
This is a major reason why offering a valuable incentive is one of the best methods if you want to build your quality list effectively. And always remember that good things take time.

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