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What are Current Market Trends in Cloud Telephony (CT)?

Cloud services continue to be one of the most popular technological advancements of this century.
We might not even realize but we are using cloud almost every day of our lives. From organizing online meetings as a business to sharing data within the company, or looking for navigation through GPS services, we are surrounded by cloud even without knowing it.
Even eCommerce platforms such as popular shopping websites like Amazon etc are also using cloud in their business.
One of the most distinguished and stand out services of cloud telephony that has emerged as a significant cost cutting factor for businesses is cloud telephony.
Cloud telephony is a mechanism and a service of the cloud technology, by which telephone applications are hosted on the cloud. Basically, your traditional phone equipment gets a level up to the cloud platform.
Cloud telephony is voice and messaging service that eliminates the requirement of a traditional business telephone system such as EPBAX or PBX. Businesses not only get their hardware costs cut down but can also receive multiple calls and messages simultaneously without investing on any additional wire hassled infrastructure.
cloud telephony trends

With current market trends suggesting that 95 percent of the businesses are using cloud in one form or the other, the future looks even brighter and the current market figures for cloud telephony are expected to double by 2021.
2016 has been quite a springboard year for cloud communications. The cloud telephony has gained quite a momentum in the past year.
The similar trend has been carried to 2017 as more and more businesses are migrating additional applications to cloud with the purpose being to feature more of real time based communication applications.
At first, cloud telephony was picked up by businesses for marketing outreach. But now it is diving down to the depths of campaigns across the world with analytics based solutions that are reached through data mining.
Cloud telephony is gradually making its way towards the life of general public. Also, the internet quality is improving day by day. This is again paving a huge way for cloud communications as a reliable and cheaper to boot source of communication.
Even the e-commerce or better known as the retail sector is realizing and utilizing the potentials of cloud telephony. Online retail has become a major driving factor for the Indian economy in present times.
The growth of this sector is exponential and expected to be somewhere around $100 billion by 2020.
With such a cut throat competition in the retail sector, businesses need to stand out with their strategies to gain an edge in the market along with growing and succeed.
It is for sure that cloud telephony is benchmarked for rapid evolutions in the near future, the beginning of which can be easily observed in the present times.
So, here are some present market trends in cloud telephony that are constantly changing the ways businesses used to function in the past.

Public Cloud Services

Organizations are making a rapid transition after knowing the amount of money and time, cloud telephony is able to save. This is leading businesses to migrate to public cloud services to meet all of their business requirements like emails, documents, business applications etc.
This practice is not only reducing the day to day maintenance cost but also the management of setup is now shifted to IT cloud based service providers.
This, in turn, frees the internal IT department to focus on more important business critical innovations for the company.
The public cloud market is thus seen growing at an annual rate of 22 percent globally and can be considered to make a huge leap in the future.
cloud adoption
Image source: RightScale

Cloud Analytics

With the help of cloud analytics, businesses are able to perform an in-depth analysis of the market and design their strategies to excel and grow accordingly.
It helps IT leaders and entrepreneurs to rely on powerful analytics solutions by keeping a track on cloud deployment costs and its capacity to expand rapidly.
Since cloud analytics solutions allow digging into both usage and billing data, it is giving entrepreneurs all over the world, the power to easily spot potentially costly services and prevents the budget from exceeding. All this is possible even on a mobile device.

Moving Data to Cloud

Moving data to the cloud is as easy as copy-pasting data, just like you do in other applications. Self-service data integration and data prep solutions have been a rage in the past as well.
But current market trends also suggest simple methods for pushing data from the inside of organizations as well as from web platforms to cloud ecosystems.
With this trend, any person even without a technical background can move data into cloud systems easily and swiftly.
cloud cost optimizing
Image source: RightScale

Hybrid Cloud Platforms

Though public cloud platforms and third party providers help in minimizing the cost in a business, there is also an ongoing risk of compromised data security.
Another trend that has emerged to solve this problem is the hybrid model of cloud platforms. The hybrid model runs with the help of the hyper-converged infrastructure.
It provides pre-integrated resources that break down the information to small packets. The cloud implementations thus run faster and lay the foundations of private cloud development.

Utilization of Data

The ongoing market trends across the world focus on the proper and appropriate utilization of data.
It is being observed that 25 percent of the businesses are creating a leadership role of chief data officer to look at information management value extraction of data on cloud for a highly informed and better decision making.

Thus, cloud can be seen spreading its path to every corner of the world, whether it is general public or big market ruling businesses.
Market analysts also suggest that what we are seeing today is just a tip of the iceberg, and cloud holds a lot more potential than we are using it right now.
Cloud telephony thus, transforms the IT and infrastructure of any business, providing flexibility and other profit causing benefits to all businesses. The cloud telephony market is also expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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